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The Perception of Midlife is Changing.

Instead of the end, it symbolizes a new beginning. CHANGE.

We now recognize that …..

We change physically: Body fat increases, blood sugar control declines, cortisol spikes and bone density decreases to name a few.

We change mentally: Estrogen loss triggers brain fog and lack of clarity, as well as depression and anxiety.

But, also our whole being can shift in midlife. In fact, Harvard Business Review calls it “inevitable”. Our values and priorities change and we see our future through a different lens.

Ultimately, we need to prepare ourselves for this change and accept it with enthusiasm.

With our new bodies comes a need for refreshed nutrition, new forms of exercise and for adventure and innovation!

Science NOW promises that our mid-years and beyond can be better than ever before.


Midlife Services


Welcome to b.Untethered

Our mission: To create a place where women in midlife can learn the latest thinking about physical and mental changes taking place and find personalized science-based solutions for food, fitness and frame of mind elements including adventure, challenge and positive change management, all wrapped up in a supportive community of like-minded women.


What We Do

Insights B.U Team

We biohack, attend thought-leader conferences, conduct expert interviews and share real women’s experiences.

Events For Midlife Women

We offer adventures, retreats and webinars for you to join.

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Online Tools

Personalized midlife macronutrient timing app for meal planning and product shopping.


b.untethered’s new shopping site helps you recalibrate your grocery list to fuel what uniquely drives you.


Midlife Services

The Midlife Intervention Program

Addressing Midlife Mind & Body


Unique Personalized Nutrition Guidance
Cutting-Edge Science
Latest science has uncovered the importance of food timing, choice and activity level on our body and brain’s response to hormone changes. BU provides custom, easy-to-follow plans so you can integrate these important changes.

Unique Personalized App for Nutrition Planning & Shopping (COMING SOON)

BU’s personalized app gives you the following:

  • Utilizes your biostats to create a meal-timed nutrition program to minimize symptoms and help you feel your best. 

  • Suggests products that are best for you, with added considerations like medication interactions, allergies and lifestyle choices.

  • Allows you to drop ideal products into an online shopping cart and purchase from your local retailer.

BU makes it simple for you to make the right choices for your changing brain and body!

Personal Coaching AVAILABLE


Team Training, Education And Challenges

Weekly Team-based Training

Our expert midlife strength and cardio coaches provide weekly plans for both strength and cardio workouts. In addition, we’ll place you in teams, so that you can work together and hold each other accountable to meet your weekly team challenge goals. Through this experience you not only get in better shape but you have more fun doing it and meet new friends along the way.

Strength Training Education

CDC Research reveals that women can feel intimidated by the idea of strength training. Strength, however is one of the most important fitness plan pieces that a midlife woman can undertake. In fact, strength training helps reduce the muscle decline we realize, increase the fat burning capability of our bodies and also helps rev up our metabolism to burn more calories.

B-untethered has great coaches to help guide you through appropriate weight training, as well as an online strength training video series for you to utilize on your own time.

Personal Coaching AVAILABLE


Midlife Intervention
Discovering & Challenging Personal Strengths & Purpose

Maximizing Midlife with Purpose-Driven Planning

A Harvard Business Review article calls midlife change “inevitable”. Midlife Intervention offers an opportunity to spend 8 weeks exploring your current values, strengths and passions to culminate in a unique, ownable plan for your next chapter.

Adventure and Challenge

B-untethered doesn’t just leave you with a plan. We help you develop the skills to achieve it through offering team and individual-based challenges. The challenges will take you outside your comfort zone, where you normally operate. To make change, you must do what you have not done before. This can be stressful, scary and difficult, but the end result is achievement of something that you likely thought wasn’t possible.

We are your support team; your cheerleaders; your mentors and your admirers. You can, and you will do this, with us by your side. Join now!!

Weekly Group Coaching AVAILABLE

Personal Coaching

B.U Coaching uses the latest scientific insights combined with real world experience to tailor a plan that will give you results.

We always begin with an inventory of your current habits and behaviors to understand your personal strengths and opportunities.

We then look at your goals in any of our modalities that we support: Nutrition, Fitness, Purpose-driven planning or Adventure & Challenge. Together we assess how all of the pieces of the program fit with your lifestyle to develop a go-forward plan.

We can tailor to your schedule with weekly or bi-monthly meetings and micro goals to move you toward your healthiest life.

Midlife Services


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