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Midlife shouldn’t
be a downer.

Midlife and the changes it brings affects every part of you: Your Body, Your Mind and Your Soul.

But it isn’t the end.

In fact, it’s the beginning. A time to look forward.

Midlife = Transition. Its not just bodies that change; values, priorities and relationships shift too. In fact, according to Harvard, it is inevitable that your whole being goes through a transformation. But these can be positives. There is a freedom that comes, which opens up a world of opportunities and the chance to write the book that is still unwritten in your life.

Morbid, maybe, but if not now, then WHEN??

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There will never be a better time to:

Adventures For Midlife Woman

We’ve learned so much over the past few years about what you can do to help make this transition easier.

Science has now shown us that when sex hormones are depleted, we can still create substitute reactions by the lifestyle choices we make.

And, in fact, these choices help not only our physical self but our mental self and our very soul.

What brings you joy? Are you spending enough time doing this?

What is the most outrageous thing you could conceive of accomplishing in the next 5 years?

These are important questions.

No permissions needed

This is what makes you, you. You were put here for a purpose. You know what that is because its what pulls you in certain directions.

Let’s put that outrageous goal on paper and then actually do it. Maybe you need to get your body in shape to undertake it. Or maybe its more cognitive work that you need to do such as improving focus to learn a new skill. Or perhaps its just about allowing yourself to spend the time and money on a girls trip around the world.

There’s that ridiculous saying that “you cant teach an old dog new tricks”, but that’s BS.

In fact, that’s what b-untethered is all about……….untethering from those things that hold us down and being free to explore what our heart really desires.

New tricks galore!

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