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AN 6-Week INTENSIVE Program to REDiscover your

A6 includes all things t6, plus a focus on small team fitness challenges that accelerate week over week preparing members to achieve an epic 6th week challenge; weekly nutritional goals are tied to the fitness weekly goals, all with built-in accountability and mindset training led by a rule midlife mentor.

When you’re ready to commit to feeling the best you have EVER felt and confident in your own skin, we’re here with our 6-week program, accountability 6.

It’s just as it sounds.  We’ll provide you with the support and accountability you need to continue your journey toward a more fit body.

Instead of dreading workouts and not seeing the results you expect, we promise to deliver results with unique workouts you won’t get bored doing, plus a dose of team fun and support.

What you GET WITH

Rule Midlife | B-Untethered | Programs | Accountability 6 week program | Accountability 6 logo
  • Nutrition Plan. Everything included in the transform 6 program, including weekly nutrition goals focused on 40/30/30 nutrition
  • Small team fitness challenges that accelerate week over week; preparing you for an epic 8th week challenge!

  • Fitness-matching with women at your same level

  • Virtual weekly meetings, led by a rule midlife™ team leader, with other women in the A6 program

  • A private community platform you can use to meet in your own Accountability Room with your teammates and a coach, if needed, to strategize, motivate, and just pump each other!

  • A special epic weekend at Week 8 that will WOW and challenge you to bring your best a-game!

  • A body you’re proud of and that can take you to new levels!
You will come through accountability 6 with newfound confidence and more strength than you knew you had, feeling so good, you’ll sign up again for the next quarterly A6 program!

the six core elements included in
the ACCOUNTABILITY 6 program

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Hormones & Exercise

Hormones & Exercise

Understand in simple terms why hormone changes require adjustments to your food, supplement, and exercise program.

Food (Macro) Timing

Food (Macro) Timing

Science suggests a macro shift to 40/30/30 (carbs, protein, and fats). Our rule meno app offers a personalized blend, including not only what to eat but when. Also find sample meal plans and a midlife shopping filter!

Strength In Midlife

Strength In Midlife

strength training is key for women in midlife as loss of estrogen impacts muscle mass.

HIIT For Our Age

HIIT for our Age

It's no longer about long endurance workouts. Getting your heart rate up is important for cardiovascular health plus fat burning.

Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability

You don’t have to be born with resilience. You can learn to make commitments to yourself and stay true.

Team Accountability

Team Accountability

There’s science to support the extra accountability we feel when we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.



Motivation is the reason we do almost anything. Learn to understand your motivations and use them to your advantage.

Supplement Guidance

Supplement Guidance

Get science-backed supplementation suggestions to address varying menopause and aging challenges.

Customer Spotlight


KerrI, 50

Prior to starting the program I had put on weight and was tired all the time. The things I had done previously to lose weight were no longer working. Since joining the transform 6 program I have lost 9 pounds and inches off my waist and hips. My clothes fit better and I have more energy. 

Having the support of the group really helps. I also changed the way I was exercising and started challenging myself more.

I like tracking my diet and exercise in the app but I think my favorite part is the weekly meetings. There is so much good information and a great group of amazing women. Being part of this group has been such a positive experience for me.


Tracy, 53

b-untethered | Menopause | A personalized menopause diet & fitness lifestyle solution | Customer Spotlight | Image of Tracy Knowles

I lost 8 lbs, and am so much stronger. I could not do lunges before beginning the program. Now I do lunges easily and no longer have knee pain. My doctor also recently commented on how strong my abs were.

I’ve lost 8 inches in total including 2 inches around my waist and 2 inches on my hips.  Very happy with the results.  I feel so much stronger!! T6 works!!


Angela, 51

b-untethered | Menopause | A personalized menopause diet & fitness lifestyle solution | Customer Spotlight | Image of Angela Martin

I am loving feeling stronger and surpassing a couple of goals. 2-minute plank today and those push-ups are getting easier:-) I have lost 5 lbs and my clothes are getting loose! 

I still struggle with getting enough protein and still too many carbs but at least I am more conscious of it!


Cindy, 57

b-untethered | Menopause | A personalized menopause diet & fitness lifestyle solution | Customer Spotlight | Image of Cindy

I feel stronger and I have lost 5 pounds. Still have 10 pounds to lose. I am glad I found this program.


b-untethered | transform 6 | menopause program | rule meno app | Graphic logo of rule meno

Our proprietary and personalized rule meno™ app positions you to build new habits that put you in charge of menopause, helping you regain your health and wellness as well as your normal body composition, minimize menopause symptoms, and feel your best every day.

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App Puts You in Control

menopause app for diet and fitness tracking

The rule meno™ app will help you:

  • Moderate carbohydrates as your body doesn’t handle them as efficiently due to hormone changes.
  • Increase protein as most midlife women get half the amount they need.
  • Shift calories to earlier in the day.
  • Track your daily eating habits and align with the 40/30/30 carbs/protein/fat plan recommended in midlife.
  • Understand the types of exercise (HIIT & Strength training) that can help you regain your normal body shape.
  • Track your progress against new goals.
  • Build new food and fitness habits to thrive in midlife.


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helps you recalibrate your grocery
list to fuel what uniquely drives you.

Don’t Miss Out!

minimize your menopause symptoms and start personalizing your plan 

only $249

Rule Midlife | B-Untethered | Programs | Accountability 6 week program | Accountability 6 logo

note before registering

If you have not completed the transform 6 courses.  You must complete the transform 6 courses before registering for accountability 6.  

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