Adventure Training

Undertaking an endurance adventure, such as hiking for several days in or out of altitude or biking mountains takes preparation. We want to ensure you are fully prepared, when you board that plane to achieve what you set out to do.

Our proprietary program was created by our founder, Anissa, who has summitted multiple extreme altitude mountains, trekked hundreds of miles, completed endurance bike rides and is also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. We also hired expert dietitians and midlife trainers to integrate the science of hormone decline and aging so that the nutrition, strength training and supplementation program is suited for women’s needs at this time in life.

We’ll get you revved up and ready to conquer your epic adventure!

You. Can. Do. This. Believe it, and join us to do it!

What We’ll Cover in Train & Travel


  • How to eat to train for your adventure
  • How to fuel and hydrate on the adventure
  • Which supplements might be helpful as you prepare


  • Week-by-week cardio and strength training plans to prepare you for your adventure


  • How to mentally prepare for your event
  • Accountability partners, via a weekly call including those going on the adventure

Equipment & Packing:

  • What gear you should consider for your event
  • What essentials you need for the trip


  • Weekly check-in and instruction

Customers Who Completed Nutrition & Fitness Training


KerrI, 50

Prior to starting the program I had put on weight and was tired all the time. The things I had done previously to lose weight were no longer working. Since joining the transform 6 program I have lost 9 pounds and inches off my waist and hips. My clothes fit better and I have more energy.

Having the support of the group really helps. I also changed the way I was exercising and started challenging myself more.

I like tracking my diet and exercise in the app but I think my favorite part is the weekly meetings. There is so much good information and a great group of amazing women. Being part of this group has been such a positive experience for me.


Tracy, 53

b-untethered | Menopause | A personalized menopause diet & fitness lifestyle solution | Customer Spotlight | Image of Tracy Knowles

I lost 8 lbs, and am so much stronger. I could not do lunges before beginning the program. Now I do lunges easily and no longer have knee pain. My doctor also recently commented on how strong my abs were.

I’ve lost 8 inches in total including 2 inches around my waist and 2 inches on my hips.  Very happy with the results.  I feel so much stronger!! T6 works!!


Angela, 51

b-untethered | Menopause | A personalized menopause diet & fitness lifestyle solution | Customer Spotlight | Image of Angela Martin

I am loving feeling stronger and surpassing a couple of goals. 2-minute plank today and those push-ups are getting easier:-) I have lost 5 lbs and my clothes are getting loose! 

I still struggle with getting enough protein and still too many carbs but at least I am more conscious of it!


Cindy, 57

b-untethered | Menopause | A personalized menopause diet & fitness lifestyle solution | Customer Spotlight | Image of Cindy

I feel stronger and I have lost 5 pounds. Still have 10 pounds to lose. I am glad I found this program.

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