As you conquer the changes of menopause, adventure travel may be the next step in your quest to unlock your potential and rule midlife. Many research studies on longevity and health, as well as a recent Harvard Business Review article, cite change, challenge and keeping purpose front and center as keys to improved aging and lasting good health. Getting out in nature is one of the best ways to breathe deep, move away from your phone and just think.

  • Do you like the idea of a fairly flat, but scenic hike in beautiful landscapes like Moab, or Sedona but not sure where to go or hesitant to go on your own? (Level 1)
  • Or does spending the night on a mountainand waking up to see sunrise at the topexcite you, but you’re not sure how to train for it? (Level 2)
  • Or perhaps you’re up for a rigorous challenge like summitting Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, a multi-day adventure? (Level 3)


This unique midlife adventure travel program lets you train remotely for one of three different levels of intensity, then travel and take on an adventure with a team of b-untethered coaches and members.

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What is Train & Travel?

Train & Travel is an 8 to 20 week midlife adventure program that includes the following:

  • Assignment to a team with four other people for online training to prepare for your midlife adventure trip
  • Weekly Online Meet-ups with Cardio and Strength training goals for your team
  • Collaboration, using the b-untethered Community to coordinate with team members for your weekly training.
  • Commitment to travel and meet, at the end of the 12-20 week training program, to undertake your challenge with the entire b-untethered Train & Travel Community and b-untethered team coaches.

Why Train & Travel?

Many of the initial Train & Travel midlife adventures are hiking challenges. Research shows that hiking 6 miles uphill is the equivalent of hiking 18 miles on flat ground. Not only does hill climbing build better glutes, but it elevates our heart rate which helps burn fat faster. Women were made to hike, as our “posterior chain” (yup, the hips and glutes) proportionally carries more of our weight than does a mans. We also have better endurance for long climbs as our bodies run on fat versus carbohydrate so are more efficient at burning it as fuel.

There are massive benefits to your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing. Getting out in nature has been proven to reduce cortisol (stress) by 20%, lower cholesterol, increase creativity and problem solving and more. 

b-untethered brings years of experience “adventuring” around the world and summitting some of the world’s most beautiful mountains. We are excited to bring this to the b-untethered community.

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