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Many research studies on longevity and health, as well as a recent Harvard Business Review article, cite change, challenge and keeping purpose front and center as keys to improved aging and lasting good health. Getting out in nature is one of the best ways to breathe deep, move away from your phone and just think.

Train & Travel offers the opportunity to train for and experience a personal challenge within the safety of a group and with a Team Leader & Coach who has already been there.

Midlife Services

What is Train & Travel?

Train & Travel is a 12 to 20 week program that includes the following:

Why Train & Travel?

Many of the initial Train & Travel adventures are hiking challenges. Research shows that hiking 6 miles uphill is the equivalent of hiking 18 miles on flat ground. Not only does hill-climbing build better glutes, but it elevates our heart rate which helps burn fat faster. Women were made to hike, as our “posterior chain” (yup, the hips, and glutes) proportionally carries more of our weight than does a man. We also have better endurance for long climbs as our bodies run on fat versus carbohydrate so are more efficient at burning it as fuel.

Hiking has been on the rise, steadily, since 2006 and has seen a further increase due to COVID-19.

There are massive benefits to your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing. Getting out in nature has been proven to reduce cortisol (stress) by 20%, lower cholesterol, increase creativity and problem solving and more.
BU brings years of experience “adventuring” around the world and summitting some of the world’s most beautiful mountains. We are excited to bring this to the BU community.


Train & Travel Events Coming Soon


Remember camp as a kid?

Well, there’s a little bit of that in our Midlife Women’s Weekend Retreats. We assure you, however, there’s every bit as much Adult Wining and Dining.

The purpose of the weekend is threefold: 

  1. To provide some education, based on science and cutting-edge findings, on what’s going on in midlife and how to best navigate these changes
  2. To engage you and your assigned team in some hard-core fun and competition. Don’t worry – this isn’t serious, but we ARE serious about having every single woman who partipates tackle an activity that is outside her comfort zone. 
  3. To bring together a diverse group of woman who all have one thing (at least) in common? Midlife changes.
Midlife Services

What Happens On a Weekend Retreat ?

One of our most important goals is to help everyone gain a better understanding of all that is happening to their body and brains during midlife changes. We will host a series of quick 30-minute seminars to review cutting-edge research findings and applications to you personally. We guarantee that you leave the weekend with a totally new outlook on the future and how you can make small lifestyles changes that will lessen the impact of hormone shifts.

Each night, we will enjoy a group-based dinner where we all sit at the same long table under Edison lights and share in story, wine and laughter. Our food will be healthy, locally prepared and sourced where possible and we will do our best to accommodate special dietary needs (Advise upon registration please).

You are assigned to a team of 4 women for the weekend. There will be a series of challenges over the course of the weekend, each worth differing point values. Some challenges will be physical while others will be mental/emotional. You and your team will need to decide which challenges you want to undertake, and how. There is some strategy involved, but points will be accelerated if entire teams undertake the same challenge together. Said another way, we don’t want only the physically strong members to climb the mountain, while the cerebral members think through mental challenges. The objective is for everyone to try something outside their boundaries for comfort. (Of course, we don’t want anyone seriously stressing over a challenge. But we DO ask you to consider whether your fears are valid or just a discomfort due to unfamiliarity).

Each Retreat participant will receive access to the Midlife Intervention app that navigates personal nutrition and fitness plans.

You will always have the option and a venue to just BU. Hang around a campfire and talk with other campers. Grab a glass of wine, enjoy smores and just soak in the moonlight and serenity. We know that, when our time ends at the retreat, you’ll want to maintain connection with many of your new friends.




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