Are Men Undermining Our Health?


Women are 51% of the total world population. Until now, however, most research for products and services have been conducted on men. You’re thinking…….What ?!?!
Yes, your car, for example, was developed for men, who are taller and bigger. When accidents occur, women are 17% more likely to die, because crash test dummies were created based on male size and weight. Male chest bones tend to hit the steering wheel on impact, whereas a shorter, smaller woman will impact at the neck level causing greater injury or death.

And that’s just the start. At the gym, most equipment was developed for men. Think about the grip on dumbells…. and the ab crunch machine. Do they fit you properly? Likely not. Because of this, women are more susceptible to injury.

And so it goes. Food products like nutrition bars, prescription drugs, energy drinks and more are most likely based on male research. A recent article in Train magazine highlighted the following scary situation: The FDA recently altered directions on a drug, because they found that female bodies metabolized the chemical much more slowly, potentially creating issues with overdosing.

The American Heart Association has done an exemplary job of highlighting the fact that heart attack symptoms in women are vastly different in men. Instead of clutching our chests, we women are more likely to feel back pain and indigestion. And while the message is out there, the fact is, more women die of heart attacks, annually, than men. WOW.
So, what are we to do? Well, for now, sit tight. It’s been this way for decades, so change won’t happen overnight. The good news is that companies are starting to wake up. Recent research was conducted on a dozen fitness trackers. The finding was that basic household tasks were vastly underestimated in terms of calories burned and steps taken. The reason? These types of activities were never tested. So, if you do a lot of cleaning, you can bet your daily caloric output is higher than you think. Apple is one company focused on correcting the problem, including stroller-pushing as an activity. Bicycle maker Terry has, for decades, created bike saddles specifically designed for the way a woman’s hips and buttocks rest on a seat. And equipment manufacturer LifeCore develops ellipticals that have pedals closer together to accommodate smaller builds

Women’s voices are coming to power and we’re also voting with our purses, which will help sway the tide.
Its time for us to get what we deserve: products and services designed with us in mind, for our safety, sanity and overall health.

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