We not only offer adventure trips and retreats, we train you to be ready!

Our proprietary Train & Travel program was created by our founder, Anissa, who has completed multiple endurance events, from long treks to mountain summits to bike rides, and is passionate about helping other women do the same.

Together with Anissa, our expert dietitians and trainers created a program with nutrition, strength training, supplementation and recovery suited for a woman’s needs at this time in life.

Our Promise Is, Whatever Your Goal, You are Ready to Conquer It!

YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. Believe it, and join us for a trip of a lifetime!

How This Works

Each trip will have a specific training schedule included in the price of the trip.

You will generally meet weekly for training guidance, anywhere from 6-20 weeks prior to the trip, to train with other travelers and ensure you are prepared for your endeavor.

What We’ll Cover in Train & Travel


  • How to eat to train for your adventure
  • How to fuel and hydrate on the adventure
  • Which supplements might be helpful as you prepare


  • Week-by-week cardio and strength training plans to prepare you for your adventure


  • How to mentally prepare for your event
  • Accountability partners, via a weekly call including those going on the adventure

Equipment & Packing:

  • What gear you should consider for your event
  • What essentials you need for the trip


  • Weekly check-in and instruction

Customer Who Completed Train & Travel Training



I was anxious about this trip. BU program put me at ease and gave me the confidence both physically and mentally. Was a fun, uplifting group. We encouraged each other and had a lot of laughs! I never thought I could do this, but I did. I’m very proud of myself!


I found a way back to myself through this, after raising my son and taking care of family. It is helping me get to the next chapter. This trip taught me I’m not broken. I loved that I hiked my own hike, but yet, I had women all around me to support me.



This trip appealed because it was a woman’s trip and was super far out of my comfort zone. Traveling with a group of women was phenomenal. I found a lot of peace and clarity. I found that I am stronger than I thought. I had a great time. The company was integral. Its nice to know at my age I can still do these things!

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