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MyMENO in the Wall Street Journal

Anissa and the new b-untethered app, MyMENO, made their first national publication debut recently! Julie Jargon of the Wall Street Journal wrote: “As women enter middle age, some find they are gaining weight as their estrogen levels decline. Ms. Buckley said women in their mid-40s and up should decrease the

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Shoutout Arizona – Meet Anissa Buckley

Anissa had an interview with Shoutout Arizona, part of the Los Angeles-based Voyage Group of Magazines. They discuss risk, travel, and b-untethered! Here’s a preview of their conversation: Hi Anissa, what role has risk played in your life or career?Taking risks is critical to growth and optimal personal success in

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Guest Interview on Magical Midlife Podcast

Anissa was recently interviewed on Lindsay de Swart’s Podcast: Magical Midlife About the episode: Ever wanted to be the founder and CEO, climb a mountain, do an Ironman competition, or just do really brave things? Perhaps you’d just like to be fit and healthy enough to do all the fun

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Using Tough Times to Build Strength

For me, my “hard” this past month was probably more ego, than life-threatening. I had the good fortune to attend bike camp in Mallorca, Spain. Truth is, I had signed up for this trip with friends 8 months ago, and between then and now, I have had 2 overworking hormone

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It’s Always the Month of Love!

February 2022 Traditionally, that’s been romantic love… amour! But this year, after being locked down for almost 2 years, we’re more aware of the many other loves in our lives: friends we may be missing, family across the country, our pets who keep us laughing, possibly even our fitness studio

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Is Your 2022 Off to a Great Start Yet?

January 2022 Make this year your year to take stock of all dimensions of your life:  Physically, how do you feel? Energetic? Pain free? Fit?  Mentally, how does your brain function? Are you thinking clearly? Is your memory intact?  Emotionally, what drives you? Are you inspired? Do you feel fulfilled? 

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