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Maximizing Menopause in the Holidays

December 2021 The holidays always seem to bring a sense of reflection: What great things did we accomplish this past year? What would we change? What are we thankful for? From that comes the inevitable turn toward the new year starting. What will our next year hold? The old saying

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Anissa Buckley on Super Real Human Podcast with Maura Webster

Guest Interview on Super Real Human Podcast

Anissa was recently interviewed on Maura Webster’s Podcast: Super Real Human About the episode: How have our lives physically and mentally changed throughout the generations? Anissa Buckley joins Maura on this episode to share her inspirational journey through life and how she is preparing herself for her midlife changes. Anissa

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Managing Menopause During the Holidays

November 2021 It feels like we’re slowly moving through the Pandemic and hopefully coming out the other side in 2022. The same is true for some of us in menopause… we’re coming out the other side, changed women. Others of us will be just beginning the process and will be seeking information on the

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tips for world menopause awarness month

Happy Menopause Awareness Month!

October 2021 Is it a coincidence World Menopause Month is during the bewitching season? B-Untethered is here to help women embrace this time in their lives. Don’t believe the hype.  It doesn’t have to be frightening! If you’ve got it, haunt it! At B-Untethered, this we know to be true(and

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Maximize Midlife & Beyond

I’m at 17k feet of elevation, somewhere in the Himalayas. My feet feel like they have glass shards in them. I am freezing and exhausted. I’ve been hiking for 12 hours, carrying 30 lbs in a 40% reduced-oxygen atmosphere, which has wreaked havoc on my ability to reason.

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Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro: Insights

Life at 50. I took off 3 years ago with The Brit, an ex-pro cyclist, to travel the world. What an adventure its been. After 30 hours of flying – including a 5 hour layover in Doha, India – we land in Moshi, Tanzania, in East Africa. It is near

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hiking in peru during menopause

Let’s Hike Peru

Our recent trip to Peru was not your typical Peruvian trip. We did not visit Macchu Picchu, nor did we go to Cusco, the capital of the now-defunct Incan Empire. Instead, we took a decidedly different track and planted ourselves in Arequipa, the 2nd largest city in Peru, and one

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Does the anti-aging pill work against menopause

The Anti Aging Pill: Does It Work?

THE SHORT ANSWER IS, YES. AND ITS CALLED NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE (NR).Note: There is no complete answer to this question and, in fact, the jury is still heavily out as to what the full impact of this supplement will be. It is, however, a compound that should be on your Watch

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