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Menopause symptoms: know your enemies

Find out more at our TRANSFORM: 6 Program where you will learn what you need to do to reset your body with science-based informative videos and workbooks, weekly group meet-ups, specific fitness exercises, and a personalized app that lets you track your protein, carbs, and fat specific just for you. You deserve better than “average!”

As we lose hormones, starting in perimenopause, our ability to build muscle declines, while at the same time, our breakdown of existing muscle speeds up. Yikes! For this reason, you may be feeling a little squishier. Never fear, though! Science shows that by taking up a strength training routine, you can rebuild some of the muscle that you lost. This is key for keeping yourself strong enough to climb mountains, or just roll around on the floor with the kids—whatever your pleasure! Find out how to maintain your strength in menopause with our 6-week program, TRANSFORM: 6

Metabolism slows and our energy level is just a little bit lower? Losing our “get up and go” is one of our least favorites on the menopause symptom list. You’ll be amazed, however, when you find that simple changes to diet, routine and exercise can help with this symptom. Find out how with our 6-week program, TRANSFORM: 6

Are you finding yourself losing your cool in situations that normally never bothered you? You’re not alone. Anxiety heightens during perimenopause, which can make us shorter-fused. But some of us will tend toward feeling weepier. What’s going on? Menopause, take a bow. Body changes are just as prevalent in that big brain of yours. Find your new bliss with our 6-week program, TRANSFORM: 6, that includes nutrition, exercise, and supplement recommendations for feeling more at peace.

Unfortunately, it’s real. We really can lose up to 30% of brain function after menopause. This can take many forms, including memory issues and concentration challenges. The good news is that exercise has been shown to help improve our ability to focus. Nutrition plays a big role as well. Find out more about optimizing your brainpower during our 6-week program, TRANSFORM: 6.

Insomnia is a common menopause symptom. Sleep is precious. In fact, it is essential for both optimal brain function as well as recovery and repair of muscles after exercise. We  recommend some simple changes to your schedule, meals, and routine. Use your smart watch or other device to track your sleep quality. We have tips and tactics that have worked for many, to help put you back into solid slumber. Find out more at TRANSFORM: 6, our 6-week program for changing your lifestyle, one simple step at a time.

Menopause just wouldn’t be menopause without the legendary hot flashes, right? Also called night sweats or hot flushes, and sometimes accompanied by chills, these seemingly-random body temperature freakouts will have you glaring at your blameless thermostat in the wee hours. Find out how to stay cool during our 6-week program, TRANSFORM: 6


b-untethered | Menopause | Blog Post | Things to Know about Menopause Diet and Fitness | Featured Image | Group of women with different ages and ethnicities having fun walking in foggy forest - Adventure and travel people concept

Menopause Diet and Fitness | KGUN Morning Blend

Below is our interview with KGUN’s Morning Blend host, Alex Steiniger. In the interview, we talk about how diet and fitness needs change when a woman starts to go through menopause. Host:Our next guest is here to shatter the myth that menopause is a crisis. Instead, it should be seen

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Menopause & Beyond | Go Solo

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health and fitness but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Anissa Buckley, President, and Founder of b-untethered, a menopause diet & fitness app and program.

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woman energy midlife

Issue 9.21.22 | 6 Tips to Improve Energy in Menopause

No one wants to be perpetually exhausted, as it only exacerbates the other symptoms women may already be dealing with, such as further weight gain as you’re less inclined to exercise when tired, and feeling grumpier as happens with less sleep.
So how can energy levels be improved in mildlife?

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Issue 9.13.22 | Menopause & Alzheimer’s: Can Lifestyle Make a Difference?

A common discussion among midlife women is cognition and their risk of Alzheimer’s disease. To provide insight into this topic, this article provides information from The XX Brain, a book written by Lisa Mosconi, PhD, who runs the Women’s Brain Initiative at Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC. The book offers actionable steps women can take with regard to food choices and exercise which may help prevent cognitive decline.

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Women who inspire


Women Who Inspire | Cynthia Jordan

Cynthia Jordan, 57, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 52. She shares with us her story of how she dealt and what she is doing to help others in their journey. The world needs more people like you, Cynthia!

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Women Who Inspire | Shelley Steinley

Shelley Steinley, 54, mother of four, author, and self-made faux painter shares a bit about her life with us. She founded the Noah Strong Foundation to provide the support, unconditional love and unrelenting positivity that is so needed at the start and throughout the substance abuse recovery process. You inspire us with your strength Shelley!

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Women Who Inspire | Rachel Wexler

Rachel Wexler, 50, real estate professional, divorce coach, and mother to three sits down with us to talk loss, love, and starting over. Rachel is the founder of Compassionate Divorce Coaching where she helps others through some of the toughest times of their lives. In real estate, she has also won several awards including 3 Gold Salesmaster Awards. We are humbled by your excellence, Rachel!

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Try This!

kinesio for join support

Try This! Kinesio Tape for Joint & Muscle Support

Do you experience joint pain during or after your HIIT workouts? It can be frustrating when you want to push yourself to run that extra mile or do the unmodified versions of a jump lunge, but your knees start talking to you. If this sounds all too familiar, you could consider trying Kinesio tape to give those aching areas some extra support.

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brussel sprouts

Try This! to Slow Cognitive Decline

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about vegetables, there’s one more layer to peel back! A 20-year study of more than 13,000 women found that those who eat the most veggies, including cruciferous options (think broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts) and leafy greens (think spinach, kale, collards, lettuce), had a slower cognitive decline than women consuming the least amount.

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Maximize Midlife & Beyond

I’m at 17k feet of elevation, somewhere in the Himalayas. My feet feel like they have glass shards in them. I am freezing and exhausted. I’ve been hiking for 12 hours, carrying 30 lbs in a 40% reduced-oxygen atmosphere, which has wreaked havoc on my ability to reason.

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Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro: Insights

Life at 50. I took off 3 years ago with The Brit, an ex-pro cyclist, to travel the world. What an adventure its been. After 30 hours of flying – including a 5 hour layover in Doha, India – we land in Moshi, Tanzania, in East Africa. It is near

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