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“I Can’t Lose Weight”

I can’t lose weight. How many times have you said that to yourself? Perhaps, instead, you’ve been the recipient and have offered a sympathetic response to a friends’ plea? But is it true? I am willing to bet in 95% of cases – if you’re honest with yourself – it’s

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Are Men Undermining Our Health?

Women are 51% of the total world population. Until now, however, most research for products and services have been conducted on men. You’re thinking…….What ?!?!Yes, your car, for example, was developed for men, who are taller and bigger. When accidents occur, women are 17% more likely to die, because crash

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Back Pain? Check Your Hormones

I’ve been back from the Himalayas for 2 weeks now. My respiratory system seems to be settling back into the norm. I’m also feeling a little more energetic as the time zone impact (11 Hours +) has faded. My issue, however, is pain. This week, I attempted to “get back

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Embrace The Suck

I had the good fortune last night to attend a Brene Brown talk. I admittedly didn’t know much about the woman prior. When I left, I was a whole-hearted fan. We are kindred souls for sure. The message was about the softness that has evolved in our society: the “everyone

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