Book Review: Tough Broads


Book Review: Tough Broads

I recently read the newly published book by Caroline Paul, entitled Tough Broads

It is a fantastic read about select older women who have aged well and what has contributed to that.

Paul posits that sense of community is a strong factor in positive aging. To me, this piggybacks on the Japanese concept of “moai” or lifelong friendships. In Japan, “moai”s are formed in childhood and these small groups of friends stay together and support each other throughout their life. It is an incredible infrastructure that ensures that no one ends up alone and penniless, much unlike here in the US where homelessness is rampant because individuals have run out of options and don’t have a support system.

There are 4 other keys to aging well that Paul identifies in the book. She supports these findings with engaging stories about elderly women who have lived long, healthy, and seemingly happy lives.

The overall theme of the book is that getting outside, and being a part of a group doing challenging and adventurous things is KEY to positive aging. We could not agree more, which is why b-untethered Train & Travel program was born!

A good read for any of us!

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