Day 1: Rim to Rim and So Much More..

We can do hard things. Tomorrow I will embark on a 24 mile hike, with 5500 feet in elevation gain and temperatures ranging from anywhere 40 to 100 degrees. I’ll be traversing the North Rim to South Rim trail in the majestic Grand Canyon. At 55 years old and without much time in my schedule to train, I decided to put myself out there and see what happens.

Using Tough Times to Build Strength

For me, my “hard” this past month was probably more ego, than life-threatening. I had the good fortune to attend bike camp in Mallorca, Spain. Truth is, I had signed up for this trip with friends 8 months ago, and between then and now, I have had 2 overworking hormone glands surgically removed, COVID and […]

Maximize Midlife & Beyond

I’m at 17k feet of elevation, somewhere in the Himalayas. My feet feel like they have glass shards in them. I am freezing and exhausted. I’ve been hiking for 12 hours, carrying 30 lbs in a 40% reduced-oxygen atmosphere, which has wreaked havoc on my ability to reason.

Get More Out of Life with a Nutrition Guidance Program for Midlife Women


Our health depends on what types of food we put into our bodies. However, our nutritional needs change as we age. It is important for midlife women to seek nutritional guidance in order to ensure that our nutritional needs are being met at every stage of life. At B Untethered, we are often asked what […]

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro: Insights

Life at 50. I took off 3 years ago with The Brit, an ex-pro cyclist, to travel the world. What an adventure its been. After 30 hours of flying – including a 5 hour layover in Doha, India – we land in Moshi, Tanzania, in East Africa. It is near midnight and there are no […]

Let’s Hike Peru

hiking in peru during menopause

Our recent trip to Peru was not your typical Peruvian trip. We did not visit Macchu Picchu, nor did we go to Cusco, the capital of the now-defunct Incan Empire. Instead, we took a decidedly different track and planted ourselves in Arequipa, the 2nd largest city in Peru, and one we had no knowledge of […]

The Anti Aging Pill: Does It Work?

Does the anti-aging pill work against menopause

THE SHORT ANSWER IS, YES. AND ITS CALLED NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE (NR).Note: There is no complete answer to this question and, in fact, the jury is still heavily out as to what the full impact of this supplement will be. It is, however, a compound that should be on your Watch List for future articles and […]

A Better Butt At 50

how to get a better butt after 50 and menopause

Have you ever felt something dragging behind you, only to turn and discover its your butt…on the ground? Yep. As we age, that lovely friend, Gravity, comes to visit and parts of our bodies begin that descent downtown. BUT, this doesn’t have to happen quite as quickly or as definitively as it seems. One certainty […]


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