Issue 9.06.22 | Do Family Meals Sabotage Your Diet?

As National Family Meals Month™ kicks off, it’s likely you’ll see headlines and social posts about the many benefits for kids in eating together as a family, however it’s defined. But what about adults? Are there benefits or disadvantages to sitting down to dinner with loved ones more frequently?

Issue 8.30.22 | Can Strength Training Reverse Aging?

midlife strength training

Aging is associated with the loss of muscle. This is especially so for women in the menopausal and post-menopausal years, as estrogen helps maintain healthy muscle tissue. So conversely, loss of estrogen results in the decline of our lean muscle mass and quality of muscle.

Issue 8.18.22 | Is Midlife Change Inevitable?

b-untethered | Menopause | news & blog | wisdom | CAN WE AVOID CHANGE IN MIDLIFE? | Featured Image | Anissa Buckley Hiking

Can we avoid change in midlife? Well, technically the answer is no. Physically, we know there are changes happening to our bodies as hormones decline. We can see it and feel it.  But, beyond menopause, there are life stage changes that occur as well. I have not met one person who doesn’t have a story […]

July Newsletter 2022

Thank you for being a part of b-untethered.  We hope you are enjoying your summer! This month we are changing up our normal newsletter format to, instead, debunk 5 wretched midlife myths that we hear in the press and from some of our followers.

May Newsletter 2022

b-untethered | menopause solutions | transform 6 | Image 7 | Woman at the beach

MAY We Finally Love Ourselves
A third of the year has already flown by and with a changing of the seasons, we find the changing in our daily routines.
This month we’d like to help you work some good habits and self-love into your routines. It’s not too late to make 2022 your best year yet!

June Newsletter 2022

b-untethered | Menopause | Blog Post | Things to Know about Menopause Diet and Fitness | Featured Image | Group of women with different ages and ethnicities having fun walking in foggy forest - Adventure and travel people concept

Menopause is a quest not a crisis and b-untethered is announcing the launch of several programs to support you in your quest to transcend menopause symptoms and midlife challenges with fitness, nutrition, and community.

April Newsletter 2022

April is Earth Month!
This month is dedicated to environmental education, impact, and appreciation with Earth Day falling on April 22nd.

March Newsletter 2022

It’s March, Nutrition Month, and the perfect time to talk about the launch of our new app, MENO, the first personalized menopause diet app and program. 

February Newsletter 2022

It’s always the month of love! Traditionally, that’s been romantic love… amour! But this year, after being locked down for almost 2 years, we’re more aware of the many other loves in our lives: friends we may be missing, family across the country, our pets who keep us laughing, possibly even our fitness studio & […]


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