Rule Midlife Coaching

Plans and Weekly touch points to help you stay on track on your quest to rule your midlife

To really rule midlife takes effort. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have some extra support. 

We want you to think of your Accountability Coach as an extension of your family (well, almost!) because you’ll find unconditional and judgement-free support to help you feel committed to getting to your goal. 

Our accountability coaches have experience working with midlife women to help you sort through your current situation and find obstacles keeping you from getting to your best version of you. Then, they are skilled in helping you set a goal, and build weekly manageable steps to get you to your next level. 

You’ll have access to your AC for questions or ideas that arise between meetings.

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What we can help with:

  1. Identify problem areas

  2. Create a plan including your longer-term goal to help you move forward

  3. Help develop and set clear expectations for your weekly goals that ladders to your bigger goals

  4. Help identify and strategize to overcome obstacles

  5. Hold you accountable to you 😊

  6. Support you each week with a weekly virtual meeting just about you

  7. Have text or email freedom as concerns arise during the week

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a coaching package.

  2. Receive your Rule Midlife Profile.  Complete it and email it to your new coach.

  3. Schedule your first Consultation Meeting.  This first meeting is a 45-minute session where you will walk your coach through your Rule Midlife Profile Information.

  4. Week 2, begin the process of identifying a goal and creating a plan to achieve that goal.

  5. Meet weekly with your coach to review your progress.  Discuss any obstacles; or celebrate wins from the prior week and establish your next goal for the coming week.

  6. Text & email coach during the week.

Coaching packages

Let’s get clear on where you’re headed in your next phase of life!  An accountability coach can help keep you focused and on plan.

All coaching packages include a personalized midlife health plan including:

  • Access to all videos and rule meno™ app from Transform 6
  • Personalized Nutrition, Fitness & Supplementation
  • Vision & Values Assessment and Development
  • Resilience Work
  • Goal Setting and Progress Plan

Accountability Coaching Plan

Monthly Pricing

Accountability Coaching Plan -- Monthly Pricing


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