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Maximizing Menopause in the Holidays

The holidays always seem to bring a sense of reflection: What great things did we accomplish this past year? What would we change? What are we thankful for?
From that comes the inevitable turn toward the new year starting. What will our next year hold?
The old saying “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” rings true.
We challenge you this New Year – 2022 – to, instead, tackle a big audacious goal.
So, as you head into the final holidays of 2021, give yourself 20 minutes each morning for the next 7 days to sit quietly, alone, and consider what it is you want for next year. Knowing is the start. 

Then, Breathe. Enjoy the Season. 
But use it for all it inspires… thoughts of a fresh new start, exciting goals and bold unknowns!

                               Happy Holidays to All!


Hold the Line on Weight Gain this Holiday

This month, make practicality the focus of your healthy lifestyle. Cold weather and shorter days can lessen normal activity and exercise.
As your calendar fills with holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and family traditions, the thought of potential weight gain can add stress to your days.
Weigh yourself today and set a goal to “hold the line” throughout the month, with that same number appearing on the scale each week and on January 1st.
We want to add that we don’t encourage weighing yourself everyday! This will only add even more stress to a busy time. We recommend weighing once a week around the same time of day and using that as a guideline to tweak your habits throughout the week.


Stocking Stuffers for the Macro Lifestyle

Nothing says love and affection more than gifts of health. Help your favorite midlife women stay true to their macro plan (higher protein, lower carbs) with these stocking stuffers:

  • Silicone baking mats are perfect for lower carb baking
  • Veggie spiralizer because zoodles and their veggie friends are an easy replacement for pasta
  • Milk frother to make skim milk in coffee taste like a decadent latte
  • Starkist Tuna and Chicken Creations come in a variety of flavors and provide a post-workout protein hit
  • RX Bar or Justin’s portion-packed nut butters are perfect to keep in the car or a purse for a quick snack
  • Quest Protein bars are perfect for days with back-to-back virtual meetings
  • Pumpkin seeds provide a break from nuts and are balanced in carbs and protein


We all do it. The holidays roll around and we make excuses to skip our exercise program only to have to start back at square one in January.

One of the many benefits of HIIT is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, with little or no equipment… No more excuses!!
Below is a quick HIIT workout you can do anywhere.
Click here to watch Coach Kathy demonstrate the Plank Row move.

When it’s cold outside and you want to get your body moving, use this video combined with the sequence below to get your heart rate up from the comfort of your hotel room.

  • 10 plank row to jumping jacks (as featured in Kathy’s video)
  • 10 body weight squats (proper technique is to bend as if sitting down, at a 90 degree angle, keeping your back flat). 
  • Walk down the hallway in your hotel and back at a brisk pace (30 seconds)
  • Return to your room and repeat this sequence 2 more times

As always, only attempt exercises when you’re cleared by your physician. 
This short series of exercises is intended to be done at your own pace with the goal of raising your heart rate to a point of breathing hard, but able to hold a conversation.

Frame of mind

Learn to Say NO!

The ability to say “NO” is grounded in knowing your priorities and values.

This holiday, you’ll make better decisions on what to say “NO” to by staying true to your top three priorities, and accepting that other things are lower on your value chain. 

If spending time with friends and helping your aging parents are two of your top priorities, then when that volunteer opportunity comes up on the same night as your mom’s gift wrapping commitment, you’ll know which way to go. Guilt free.

She believed she could,
so she did!

This month we are highlighting beauty and inspiration Joan MacDonald.

At age 70,  Joan was 198 lbs, on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux, had terrible edema in her ankles, her arthritis was extremely painful, and she had difficulty walking up and down the stairs. Her daughter, Michelle, came to her in tears about her condition, worried that it was just going to get worse over time if she didn’t do something soon.

Joan started working with Michelle in both the gym and the kitchen. That paired with the additional support of an online group of women, also working to change their habits, she made a complete 180 degree shift.  Now at age 75 and 129 lbs she is a different woman.  She ditched the health issues, moves around the gym in confidence, and has balanced macros in her meals. Bravo, Joan!

“It is my hope that more of us older people shed some light on how to age well, give some real hope to others that it is possible to keep your vitality as you get older, and that older people have something important to contribute to society.”

We could not agree more. We look forward to seeing Joan’s next accomplishment! 
You can follow Joan’s journey here.

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