Empowering Women to Thrive

Your purchases matter. b-u donates 2% of profits to iDE

At b-untethered, our goal is to empower women to thrive. We do this with you by developing personalized plans that will help you achieve your goals and connect with your passions.

But beyond our immediate reach, women in rural communities globally face significant barriers in doing just this. Because b-untethered understands that our community of women is more than just geography, we partner with iDE – a global nonprofit powering women to end poverty.

iDE believes that one entrepreneur can change their community, and millions can change the world. Their approach is to partner closely with families facing barriers like climate change, limited access to infrastructure, and volatile markets to help them build businesses that support others. The women iDE works with provide the passion, innovation, and hard work. iDE connects them with the training, technology, and markets necessary to realize their visions.

Adam Adamu, for example, was a school teacher in Ghana when she saw a big problem in her community. In rural Ghana, access to a safe, quality toilet is minimal. This is not because families here are not interested in purchasing a toilet, but because the market for such products is slim to none. Adam, setting out to change this, partnered with iDE to start a Latrine Business, becoming the first female sanitation business owner in Ghana. As a testament to the future leaders she is inspiring, Adam named the business “Rida Enterprise” after her daughter. Looking outward to her community, she has inspired four other women to become Latrine Business Owners.

“I hope by watching me that Rida will be empowered, satisfied, and confident in herself. I hope that she will be hardworking,” 
Adam Adamu

B-Untethered Partners with iDE to power women like Adam. As iDE achieves a Social Return on Investment of nearly 14:1, meaning that every $1 we support will become at least $14 of increased income for a household breaking out of poverty. You can learn more about how iDE powers entrepreneurs here, or, for more stories like Adam’s, check out their 40 under 40 series.

As a partnered pledge, b-untethered has committed to share 2% of annual profits with iDE to help support continued growth of female entrepreneurs making a difference in this world and across the globe.

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