Issue 8.23.22 | Protein + Fiber: A Winning Menopause Math Equation


veggies and hummus

Science indicates that shifting carbohydrate calories to protein can lead to a feeling of fullness. The end result may be the consumption of fewer calories and ultimately weight loss.

This is one of the reasons b-untethered’s rule meno programs focus on 40/30/30 – limiting carbs to 40% of calories, increasing protein to 30%, and managing to 30% from fat. Our programs also recommend protein at every meal and snack to ensure that you have circulating amino acids (the breakdown of protein) in your bloodstream throughout the day. This helps the body maintain existing and build new muscle as well as to support many important functions, like immunity, hormones, and enzymes.

Interestingly, protein consumption becomes more powerful when paired with fiber intake. This combination gives an even stronger feeling of fullness or satiety. This can help you eat less at each meal and let more time lapse between meals. Eating dinners where protein is paired with high-fiber foods can help you avoid evening or late-night snacking because you simply aren’t hungry.

Consider these pairings of protein and fiber foods to feel the real difference of Menopause Math:

Lentils + Brown Rice
Egg salad on Celery
Hummus + Vegetables
Greek Yogurt + Fruit
Chicken + Chickpeas
Eggs + Beans
Veggie Strips + Cheese Stick
Beef + Sweet Potato
Halibut + Brussel Sprouts
Black Beans + Cauliflower Rice

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