Issue 9.27.22 | How I Reached my Goal Weight and Fitness Level with transform 6!


Meet Kerri Hellquist, 50, who because of our transform 6 program, has achieved her goal weight and is feeling great! She talks about the experience with us this week.

What attracted you to the transform 6 program?
I liked that the program was designed for women in my age group. The nutrition and fitness information helps you adopt healthy life style changes that are sustainable.

What has been the result of your participation in transform 6?
Prior to starting the program I had put on weight and was tired all the time. The things I had done previously to lose weight were no longer working. Since joining the transform 6 program I have lost 9 pounds and a half inch off my waist and hips. My clothes fit better and I have more energy. 

What changes did you make to your food and fitness habits to help you achieve weight loss success?
I increased the amount of protein in my diet and moved more of my calories to the earlier part of the day. My biggest challenge was not snacking at night. It was hard the first week but got much easier. Having the support of the group really helps. I also changed the way I was exercising and started challenging myself more.

Tell us about your experience – what you like and what’s been frustrating. 
I like tracking my diet and exercise in the app but I think my favorite part is the weekly meetings. There is so much good information and a great group of amazing women. Being part of this group has been such a positive experience for me.

Any extra tricks or tips of advice you’d give a woman interested in losing weight in midlife?
Making so many changes at once can be overwhelming. I found it helpful to focus on one nutrition and one exercise goal at a time and then continue to make changes and build healthy habits. Some weeks are better than others so stay focused on your goals, write them down, and look at them often.

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