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Founder of b-untethered, Anissa Buckley, speaks with Kristel Bauer, host of the Live Greatly Podcast on how to thrive in midlife & get motivated to make a positive change. Listen below for a quick takeaway.

You know, if there is a person listening who is maybe contemplating making a big shift; What may help with that process to be able to take that step to get out of a situation that is no longer serving to head in a different direction?

That is a great question and I think It’s complicated for each one of us.  We’re all different and our personalities are different, but what I would say generally is the very first step, for me at least, and I think for most people is to have a vision.  I think you absolutely have to know what that end goal is for yourself.  Be looking 10 years out and thinking to yourself:  How am I going to get to a level of fulfillment if I’m not there right now?  What is going to make me feel that way?  It’s kind of a bucket list, right?  But it has to be something that is realistic for you to some degree.

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