June Newsletter 2022


Quest Over Crisis

Menopause is a quest not a crisis and b-untethered is announcing the launch of several programs to support you in your quest to transcend menopause symptoms and midlife challenges with fitness, nutrition, and community.

Emerging science is providing clear-cut answers on how to get the maximum out of midlife. We’ve turned that into science-based, personalized step-by-step meal, supplement, and exercise plans that curtail your menopause symptoms and prepare you for conquering any midlife goals you have.

B-Untethered is the first menopause company to integrate this science into a results-focused personalized, specific lifestyle plan just for you. Additionally, we want you to find zest for living through stepping outside your current routine to challenge yourself with something new.

Starting later in 2022, we will be offering retreats where you can learn lifestyle changes and challenge yourself in a fun environment with other motivated midlife women.

Choose the quest option that fits your lifestyle and schedule:

b-untethered Reset

Live Edition!

June 25, 2022 at the Boat House Club on Canandaigua Lake in Rochester, NY.

At this half-day event (9-12 EST), you’ll gain insights into menopause and nutrition and fitness in midlife. You’ll be introduced to our new rule meno™ app with a proprietary grocery filter designed for midlife women and community support to give you a gigantic boost towards your healthier midlife.

transform 6

Introducing our new 6-week program

In this 100% virtual, self-guided program which begins starting June 20th, you’ll discover your personal roadmap for healthy, vibrant aging.  And self-guided doesn’t mean alone, we offer weekly live calls and a community Facebook Group.

Here are just a few of the highlights of transform 6:

  • Learn why adjusting your food, supplement, and exercise program will benefit you in menopause
  • Learn Menopause Math: Why 40/30/30 is the right macronutrient blend for menopause which just means how many carbs, protein, and fat grams  you should eat daily
  • Learn exercises to help you gain muscle tone and lose fat
  • Learn how supplements can help with certain menopause symptoms
  • Participate in weekly live virtual Meet-Ups
  • Gain access to our private online community just for women in the Transform 6 program
  • Gain access to a proprietary rule meno™ app to track food and fitness


Ready to transform your life? Click here for more information and registration.

b-untethered is committed to helping you make the lifestyle shift that’s necessary to feel and live your best in menopause and beyond!

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