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Finally, a lifestyle solution specifically for women 40+

Why doesn’t what you used to do still work?

It’s frustrating.  The “menopot” around the middle that never used to be there.  The fact that you can’t remember your firstborn’s name.  And why can’t you sleep past 3 AM anymore?

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a 1 hour FREE online event where you will be immersed in the foundation of nutrition, fitness, and supplementation changes to help reset your body and mindset to rule menopause.

What's included in reset. . .

  • Nutrition, fitness, and supplementation changes
  • A science-based explanation of hormone health
  • A proprietary formula for creating new and sustainable eating habits
  • The hard truth about fitness as you age
  • Insider knowledge on effective supplementation

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led by Anissa buckley

Founder, b-untethered

Anissa Buckley is a serial health and wellness entrepreneur. As CEO of b-untethered, she is dedicated to helping women maximize their midlife through a science-based, proprietary food, fitness, and motivational program.

quest>crisis is NOT just a diet, it is a discipline, it is the way forward for women 40+ . . . you’ll love yourself . . . again and for always.

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