The Age of Menopause

The age of menopause has arrived, in more ways than one. Has it arrived for you?

In medical terms, the age of menopause is the age when a woman has lived a full twelve months without experiencing menstruation. It’s a specific day in a woman’s maturation. On the other hand, when someone asks us, “When does menopause start?” they’re actually asking us, “When do menopause symptoms start and what can I do to minimize them?”

These are good questions, and we think we’ve got some pretty good answers.

Menopause, Age, and You

Here are some useful menopause age facts for you:

Welcome to the Age of Menopause Awareness

Despite menopause’s existence since the dawn of humankind, menopause has been under-researched and generally underserved. We at b-untethered are working to bring that era to a close. And we’re not alone: more and more entrepreneurs, thought leaders and businesses are thinking and talking about menopause.

If you’re thinking of minimizing menopause and maximizing your midlife, you’re in the right place. Our Midlife Reset 8-week bootcamps are the ideal way to wrap your head and body around the new revitalized you, with guidance, workouts, and workshops targeted at bringing you the best science-based fitness, nutrition, and mental frameworks for success. We also offer a Midlife Maintenance program and free menopause nutrition app and much more.

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