Menopause Signs

Menopause signs are your body’s way of telling you that change is coming.

In some ways, this is a time to celebrate. You are transitioning into a more comfortable and less tumultuous phase. Life’s challenges shouldn’t be as confusing and stressful as they were in your naive days. You’ve seen a lot of trouble and you’ve come out of it wiser and stronger.

Menopause signs point you to new challenges and new rewards

Menopause Sign #1: Inconsistent Periods

As you might expect, a top sign of menopause is a change to the regularity and duration of our menstruation. After all, menopause is defined as the time when we haven’t menstruated in a year.

Menopause Sign #2: Weight Gain

No one likes to see this near the top of the list, but weight gain is one of the signs of menopause, according to science. Fortunately, our b-untethered experts also have good news: some easy-to-implement alterations to your routine and nutrition can make maintaining your weight more manageable.

Are you ready to b-untethered from fear of menopause?

Menopause Sign #3: Muscle Loss

The hormone changes of menopause affect our ability to build and retain muscle.

Menopause Sign #4: Lower Energy Levels

Menopause slows our metabolisms and alter our energy levels.

Menopause Sign #5: Mood Changes

Another sign of menopause is a change in our moods. We can become more sullen, anxious or irritable in response to things that never bothered us in the past.

Menopause Sign #6: Memory Loss and Concentration Difficulties

Like sign #5, menopause can mess with our ability to remember and concentrate.

Menopause Sign #7: Difficulty Sleeping

Affected by hormone changes and menopause, our bodies may struggle to rest at night.

Menopause Sign #8: Night Sweats

Our body temperatures may sometimes go out of whack, causing us to sweat in temperatures that were previously perfectly comfortable.

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