Menopause Symptoms FAQ

This menopause symptoms FAQ is your top-level roadmap to divining your path and locating where you are at this point in time. Hopefully some of these common questions and their answers can get you jumpstarted on the road to a full and fully-realized midlife!

Menopause is an opportunity

Midlife is a gift

You’re probably in perimenopause or post-menopause. Menopause is a very short moment, defined as the time when it’s been a year since your last period.
Wherever you are, though, if you’re experiencing menopause symptoms, we’re here to help.

You’re probably in perimenopause (the period during which your body is shifting away from childbearing and approaching menopause), but menopause symptoms can continue well past the time when you actually hit menopause itself. Here are some menopause signs:

Perimenopause – and the annoying menopause symptoms that come with it – can begin as early as your 30s, depending on your genetics, fitness, and other environmental factors. We believe it never hurts to be fit and ready for this inevitable challenge so you can turn it into a springboard to a revitalized future.

Yes. It’s not uncommon for women to start the menopause process (perimenopause) at 35.

No. Menopause is a natural life change that occurs as your body matures and shifts away from an orientation toward childbearing. It’s not a disease, and thus does not have a “cure.”

Yes, quite safely. At menopause, your body no longer produces eggs, but using a donated egg, you can probably have a child without any issues.

We strongly believe that lifestyle modification and optimization can have a transformative effect on your menopause experience. We have an unprecedented array of tools to ease this transition, including nutrition, exercise, mindset modalities, community-building and adventure travel. Join us and let’s make this a journey to remember.

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