Our Menopause Symptoms List

Our menopause symptoms list can help you focus on a plan for thriving in midlife and identify the symptoms that are bothering you most.

Pick the symptoms you most want to crush

Menopause Symptom #1: Weight Gain

Gaining weight is indeed one of the symptoms of menopause, and because weight gain is such a bugbear in our modern culture, it’s #1 on our menopause symptom list. The bad news? The average menopausal weight gain is six pounds.

The good news? You’re not alone. Science is on your side. Our experts say some simple changes to your nutrition and activity level can make this bugbear more of a teddy bear.

Menopause Symptom #2: Muscle & Strength Loss

Perimenopause is the beginning of a marked change in our hormone levels. With the loss of these hormones, we find we can’t build and maintain muscle with the same ease that we once did. Research shows, though, that adopting strength training routines and high intensity interval training (HIIT) can reinforce our bodies against the loss of muscle.

Menopause Symptom #3: Loss of Energy

In menopause, our metabolism slows down and our energy levels take a dip. As with the first two symptoms on this list, though, simple changes to your nutrition, exercise, and routines can make a world of difference.

Menopause Symptom #4: Mood Changes, Anxiety, Irritability and Sadness

Menopause’s body changes also affect our brains, making us more anger-prone, anxious or depressed. However, you may find that discovering a peer group of fellow b-untethered midlife adventurers, seeking out new challenges and celebrating your successes will give you fresh satisfaction.

Menopause Symptom #5: Cognitive Decline – Memory Loss and Concentration Difficulties

Memory loss and concentration difficulties can also be part of the new menopause reality. Our ability to focus may be bolstered, though, by exercise, established sleep routines, and certain supplements — and all topics we teach through b-untethered.

Menopause Symptom #6: Insomnia

Our precious sleep is another factor affected by hormone changes and menopause. This affects our mental states and our overall bodily health. We have techniques that have helped many sufferers to get back to full nights of sleep.

Menopause Symptom #7: Hot Flashes

Also known as night sweats or hot flushes, hot flashes are body temperature regulation malfunctions that may have us soaked in sweat on perfectly temperate nights. As you might expect, the science says that a few preventative measures may help keep this distraction to a minimum.

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