Hot Flushes?

Got hot flushes or night sweats? A quick surge of body heat across your neck, face, or chest, with a sultry side order of sticky sweat, even on the coldest nights? Welcome to the world of menopause symptoms. (They’re really called hot flashes, by the way, but we’ll let you slide this time.)

If you live in a warm climate or have a temperature-sensitive partner, hot flashes can be a huge inconvenience. No matter the situation, this is an unwelcome midlife development.

Hot flashes aren’t necessarily a sign of impending menopause. Certain foods, prescription medications, and medical conditions or illnesses can cause hot flashes too. It’s also possible that a good workout or bad anxiety will cause you to experience a body temperature irregularity during the night.

How do I flush my hot flashes?

If your hot flashes are indeed one of your menopause or perimenopause symptoms, you’re in the right place. We’d love to guide you to a balanced, step-by-step program of nutrition, exercise, and self-discovery that will help you deal with your hot flashes. 

The ideal starting place would be one of our Midlife Reset bootcamps. These bootcamps give you customized, one-on-one guidance toward finding a renewed you. Or could we interest you in our free menopause nutrition app, our hormone health video content, or our newsletter?

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