Night Sweats

Night sweats are yet another unglamorous menopause symptom that you might not be eager to discuss with your coworkers or book club. One minute you’re settling into some fresh clean sheets for a comfy nap… the next minute your face and chest feel like the Sahara and you’re sitting in a pool of sweat. Who wants to talk about spontaneous, exasperating perspiration?

We do, that’s who! We at b-untethered are a little obsessive about finding out how to overcome these little setbacks and turn them into triumphs. Menopause shouldn’t be a shameful process. Let’s talk about it. Let’s reframe it into the triumphant rebirth that it can be. Let’s maximize your midlife.

restless nights

Night sweats (also called hot flashes or hot flushes) aren’t always caused by menopause. There are certainly some medications and illnesses that can cause sudden sweats and subsequent chills. Night sweats can also be caused by foods, anxiety, or exercise. They also often bother cancer patients and survivors.

Still, if you’re researching night sweats on the internet, chances are you already know that it’s a menopause symptom and you’re looking for solutions.

no sweat, sherlock?

If menopause-related night sweats are driving you nuts, you’re in the right place. At b-untethered, we love helping women solve menopause problems with common-sense, science-based solutions and life hacks. People have the best results starting with one of our Midlife Reset bootcamps, which get you individualized guidance on finding the techniques and behaviors that work for you. If that isn’t your style, we recommend our free menopause app and lifestyle maintenance program, our hormone health video, or our newsletter.

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