When does menopause start?

Menopause starts when it wants to, to be honest. Menopause symptoms can start in your 30s and last more than a decade (see How Long Does Menopause Last?). Menopause itself is defined as the time when you’ve gone a year without menstruating. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average age of menopause for American women is 51.

The process of getting to menopause, though, takes years and starts well before the actual moment of menopause. Everyone’s body is different, and we’re all on different timelines dictated by genetics, experience, and environment. 

Menopause Starts with Perimenopause

When people ask us when menopause starts, they’re usually asking, “When will my menopause symptoms start? When should I start taking steps to minimize them?” This is really a perimenopause question. Perimenopause is the lesser-known period of body transition into menopause. 

And (brace yourself) the answer to that question is: as early as your 30s. If you’re already experiencing symptoms, you should start taking steps to maximize your midlife. That’s why we’re here. B-untethered was founded to share the insights and knowledge about nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, mindset, and community that can reframe your most vibrant years as the watershed they are.

You might also be wondering about the pros and cons of hitting menopause earlier or later. It’s definitely a pros and cons situation. Late menopause is associated with some very nice health outcomes, including lower heart disease risk, longer lifespan, and reduced bone loss chances, but also greater risks of breast and ovarian cancer.

start maximizing your midlife and put menopause on hold

You deserve the best midlife that you can provide. Your actions now will affect your quality of life in the future. 

Take a look at our Midlife Reset bootcamp. It’s a customized, step-by-step 8-week menopause bootcamp experience with your peers that will put you in the perfect position to discover your personal roadmap for healthy aging. If you can’t find the time for a reset, take a look at our Midlife Maintenance program and free menopause nutrition app. Don’t let the start of menopause stop you from living your best life.

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