Midlife Intervention

Change is inevitable.
Misery and frustration isn’t.

Did You Know:

  • Estrogen supports multiple critical bodily functions including blood sugar control, metabolism, muscle protein synthesis (making muscle), cortisol (stress hormone), brain tissue health and more
  • 80% of women > 55 yrs have 1 of 6 major chronic conditions including Diabetes, Heart Disease, COPD, Cancer, Asthma and Arthritis. (source: CDC)
  • Depression and Anxiety are 2x more likely in women over 50 than men and can stem from hormone changes
  • The physiological changes that were once believed to start at the onset of menopause really begin roughly 5 years prior, in the mid-40s for most women. By waiting until menopause to address your symptoms, you’ve already succumbed to a lot of physical loss.
Midlife Intervention
Midlife Services

Midlife Intervention Program Details:

Midlife Intervention is a unique 8-week intensive science-based program that provides you with the following:

An 8-week education series that provides you with information on the impact of Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone changes to your body and brain.

An exclusive and one-of-a-kind personalized program that uses your individual biostats plus cutting-edge research to provide a specific macronutrient nutrition plan (protein, carbs, fats) to minimize hormone impacts and optimize brain and body for wellbeing. This is available via App or Desktop. Please note: This isn’t just about losing fat and keeping muscle. This also includes maximizing your cognitive abilities…..retaining memory and acuity (thinking skills!)

A fitness plan that uses latest research to provide a strength and cardio plan to help retain muscle and lose fat. Ironically, this same fitness plan has also been proven to help retain brain function. Pretty key stuff! And you won’t be in this alone. Each week, you’ll have a meet-up with a BU Fitness coach plus the entire community. You will have the option to join a mini-team, where you have a team goal for cardio and strength training that you have to collectively achieve each week. We have found that group-based training is the best for staying on track with your workouts.

Life transformation requires some deep thinking about what the next 30-40 years are about. The BU team is expertly suited to ask the questions and provide the venue for you to do this work. BU has constructed a navigational workbook that guides you, in a weekly step by step format, through exercises to identify and redefine your Top 5 key values, your vision and purpose which ultimately leads to weekly goals to move in this direction. You will depart the 8-week program with a clearer plan for what you wish to accomplish in this next chapter of life.

The program is facilitated by expert coaches who are trained in Midlife changes, have lived them personally and are ready to guide you and many others through weekly nutrition, fitness and purpose-based goals!

You will have access to an online community forum where you can separately meet up with MLI Fitness team members or other participants you’ve connected with for sharing stories, asking questions or making plans.

What You Leave With:

  • Better Knowledge of Your Body and Mind: A better understanding of what is happening as you age and how to minimize these changes
  • A Tool to Stay on Track: Forever use of the MLI App to track your nutrition and fitness progress
  • A Plan for the Next Chapter: Your draft of a plan for your future goals
  • Great New Connections: An ongoing invitation to check in with your MLI Coaches, and stay connected to friends you’ve made on the MLI Community Share Site.

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