Midlife Maintenance

Tools and Programs to Help Maintain Your Vibrant Body and Mind

rule meno™

macro meal planner

  • Input your biostats
  • Receive a personalized macronutrient meal plan best suited for you
  • Input and track your daily meals
  • Get alerts when you’re off plan
  • Receive a 4-week Kickstart Meal Plan to guide you in your first few weeks

Team-based fitness challenges

  • Select your current fitness level
  • Be assigned to a 4-woman team for accountability & fun!
  • Or choose to exercise at your own pace and time
  • Attend weekly virtual team meet-ups & get weekly goals
  • Have access to live and recorded HIIT classes for all levels
  • Use the bu app to track daily progress

Midlife Specific supplements

  • Emerging science suggests that effective use of key supplements may help minimize menopause symptoms.
  • b-untethered has vetted the supplements on this site.
  • We only endorse the highest quality, highest-efficacy products.

Finally, a solution for midlife maintenance

The b-untethered App: rule meno™

Join Fitness Challenges

Build grocery lists

Track your Macros

Lose body fat

Feel Vibrant!

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