Get More Out of Life with a Nutrition Guidance Program for Midlife Women


Our health depends on what types of food we put into our bodies. However, our nutritional needs change as we age. It is important for midlife women to seek nutritional guidance in order to ensure that our nutritional needs are being met at every stage of life. At B Untethered, we are often asked what the nutritional needs for midlife adulthood are? Our 8 week intensive program provides the skills you need to navigate a healthy body and mind in these years.

Why is Nutrition Planning for Midlife Women Important?

As we age our nutritional needs change. At B Untethered, we celebrate midlife, offering a comprehensive intervention program designed to boost health and wellness. Eating healthy during midlife does not need to be difficult. It is easy to fill your plate with delicious, healthy whole foods that promote digestive and cardiac health. Our program features a change in your macronutrient profile, so that you consume more protein, and fewer carbs. Timing is also key, such that midlife women should front load their days with carbs and overall calories in total. This diet helps to improve not only your body, but also your mind.

Diet Changes Women Over 50 Should Make Right Now

You might have wondered what is the best diet for a middle-aged woman? As we age, many changes occur in the body that result in different nutritional needs in order to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. The biggest focus for midlife women is to have more calories, especially carbs, earlier in the day. It is also important to evenly dose protein consumption throughout the day. Protein consumption overall should be almost twice the amount that the average midlife woman is eating today. Eating whole fruits and vegetables is also key as it helps with providing more diversity in the gut. Certain cruciferous vegetables are also key for helping reduce “brain fog” in midlife women and assist with mental acuity which declines with age.

About Our Nutrition Program for Midlife Women

At B Untethered, we have created an 8 week intensive program that offers advice for nutrition for women in middle-age and beyond. Here, we provide education on the hormonal changes that are happening in your body and how they affect all aspects of life. We create a personalized nutrition and fitness plan that is based on your unique biostatistics designed to help you to retain muscle and brain function while reducing fat. You and your team take the journey together, and regular meetings with your B Untethered coach promote success.

Maximizing midlife is made easy when combined with our Frame of Mind program that provides a safe space in which you can explore your journey. Our identity changes at different life stages. Perhaps you were a full time mom for 20 years and all of a sudden, your kids are gone. Now, your identify might be wrapped up in being a better daughter to your aging parents. Here, b.untethered will help you define your top 5 key values, and future vision, so that you can create a plan to move in that direction.

Join Our Intensive Program to Learn About Nutrition for Midlife and Menopause Today

Have you been wondering: What nutrients do female adults need? Take the 8 week intensive program offered by B Untethered to build your knowledge and learn new, healthier habits that support the body as well as the mind, with support along the way by our experienced community. To learn more about the program, contact our team today by calling us at (585) 406-7118.

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