Midlife Reset: Just Nutrition

Our unique 8-week bootcamp, steeped in latest science to support new eating behaviors, personalized and beneficial menopausal women

  • Become part of a group of midlife women aiming to age more healthfully, have more energy, think more clearly and lose extra body fat that has crept up over the past few years
  • Gain an understanding on why hormones create a need to change your diet
  • Receive our personalized app that gives you guidance in shifting calories and macronutrients, specific to YOU
  • Have your diet reviewed by a dietitian as you are learning to make changes
  • Learn about new resources to help you make decisions at the grocery store
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Is Midlife Reset Just Nutrition for me?

  • I already have a HIIT and Strength Fitness Plan in my home town or online.
  • I am not ready to begin a fitness program yet. I prefer to start with nutrition. 
  • I feel competent to take on the fitness myself and only need nutrition help.
  • I can’t lose this menopause weight/fat around my middle and I exercise a lot!


What you'll learn in midlife reset Just nutrition

  • Personalized Macro Plan: How many calories, carbs, protein and fat grams you should eat daily
  • Key Food Timing: Which foods to eat and when
  • Grocery Shopping: Which products are best suited to midlife in the grocery store.
  • Which carbs are best!
  • Best Supplements: Which supplements are best for various menopause symptoms
  • Your Meals Optimized: What changes dietitians would suggest for your personal meal plans

What's included in Midlife reset?

Simple to Understand Menopause Hormone Education

Understand in simple-to-understand terms why adjusting your Food, Supplement, and Exercise program will benefit you greatly in Menopause.

Proprietary, Easy-to-Use MyMENO Macronutrient Tracking App

Our simple app guides you on how much and when to eat protein, carbs, and fats during the day to optimize your wellbeing. Learn More

Private Community

Have access to our private online community just for women in the Midlife Reset program. Expert Midlife coaches monitor and respond to questions.

Weekly LIVE Virtual Meet Ups

Get energized each week from our Expert Midlife Coaches. See exercise demonstrations, learn new information, ask questions.

Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

In addition to our MyMENO tracking app, you’ll receive a 4-week meal plan to kick start your change, as well as access to an online grocery site with pre-selected “Midlife-approved” products.

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What's the midlife Reset process?

Using the latest science on menopause hormone changes, our science team created MyMENO, a time-based macronutrient meal program that delivers optimal nutrition guidance for your personal biostats (height, weight, etc). Over 8 weeks, you will learn why changing your macronutrient ratio is critical to your best health and will have the assistance of our proprietary MyMENO app to track your foods and your fitness against your plan.  The outcome is greater energy, reduced fat, improved clarity of thought, and a host of other benefits.

Step 1: Personalize

Input your personal profile through our proprietary app.

Step 2: Join Your Cohort

Receive your personal, prescriptive Macro Meal Plan + our sample 4-week plan and join your fitness team!

Step 3: Attend Cohort Launch

Attend your first virtual meet-up to meet your teammates and connect with others in the community.

Step 4: Achieve

Track your nutrition and fitness each day for 8 weeks. Attend virtual meet-ups and connect with your teammates and coaches weekly.

Step 5: Maintain

Once the 8-week bootcamp is complete, launch into Maintenance with your new Macro-Magnificent lifestyle.

Yes! I want to minimize my menopause symptoms and feel great now!


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