Thrive Past 45 or Empowered Aging For Women

Women’s Weekend Workshop

July 13; 9-3pm *

* Lunch provided

Use Cutting-Edge Science

to Build your Step-by-Step Plan to Vibrant Aging

Four Keys to Empowered Aging:


Values and purpose change in midlife. Purpose is critical to satisfaction as we age. Explore your renewed purpose for your next 30 years.

RESULT: You will examine your personal purpose and draft your revised purpose statement.


Physical health is key to positive aging. Learn cutting-edge, science-based strategies for nutrition, fitness and supplementation proven to reduce the impact of hormone decline and enhance the aging process.

RESULT: Leave with a clear, executable plan for nutrition, fitness and supplementation you can take home and use.


Brain function can decline up to 30% in menopause. Test your cognitive health and learn what you can do to improve your chances of brain health as you age.

RESULT: Leave with 3 tactics you will take home and implement in your life for better brain function.


Socialization and positive relationships are known to be key to healthy aging. Loneliness has been identified by the Surgeon General as “as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes daily”. Evaluate your current emotional health and learn strategies for improving your relationships

RESULT:  Leave with key steps to incorporate into your life for improved emotional health


  • “It was awesome! One of the best holistic explanations + solutions for this time of life that I’ve seen – and I’ve been searching online for months.” – Carrie, 52

  • “I love how in-depth your program is. I have not seen another program with as much detail and guidance for menopausal women” – CEO, menopause company

  • I am using a lot of the information I have learned! I am working out and taking my life back little by little and it feels GREAT! – Cindy, 57

Your Host:

Anissa Buckley, menopause expert, nutrition, fitness and health coach, entrepreneur. Global Adventurer. Former White House Wellness consultant. Featured in Wall Street Journal, AARP and more.

Check out Anissa’s Bio Here

b-untethered uses latest science to provide women in midlife with knowledge, solutions and support to live their most vibrant life.  We are the first menopause solution company to offer a personalized and prescriptive nutrition, fitness and supplementation plan.

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