Partnering with Telegenixx for Peptide Therapy

What is Peptide Therapy?

The Telegenixx partnership allows us to help you enhance the results you are looking for, whether those include weight loss, muscle growth, skin elasticity, menopause symptom management or more. Peptides are naturally occurring amino acid chains in your body that support cellular health. Our cells often degrade as we age and adding in peptides can give your cells and body more tools to improve or maintain your health.

What Types of Issues Can Peptides Help Address?

Below is a sample of the types of health issues we, together with Telegenixx, can help you address:

Weight Loss

Personalized peptide plans to meet your metabolic goals: drive fat loss, increase muscle growth, improve metabolism and energy.


Plans designed for your needs to support sleep, collagen production (reducing fine lines), lean body mass, and energy, while lessening inflammation.

Mental Clarity

Plans to help you manage feelings of anxiety / depression, increase mental stamina, cognition, and memory, and improve quality of sleep and brain health.


Peptides can help reduce many of the symptoms of menopause including body composition changes, sleeplessness and heightened anxiety.

Sexual Wellness

Our care plans balance hormones that influence sexual desire, experience and function, and lead to higher sexual satisfaction.

Sleep Quality

Plans to address core issues in sleep quality from falling asleep to staying asleep to deepening your sleep, maximizing your regenerative cycles!

How Does the Process Work?

First you have a choice to have a free 15 minute consultation with b-untethered to ask any questions you might have and learn more about peptides.

Once you decide to move forward, you will begin the process outlined below, which starts with registering and deciding which health issues you want to address. The next step is to have labwork done so that the Telegenixx physicians can review your current health status and make recommendations from there.


Register via Website


Choose Care Plan / Doctor / Payment Method


Lab Results in 3-5 days


Book Consultation with Your Doctor (Times available within 3 days)


Consultation with your Selected Doctor (20-30 minutes)


Receive Your Prescriptions. Begin Your Treatment Plan. Delivered to your House in 3-10 Days

Ongoing Care

On-Demand Access to Messaging, Clinical Team Visits (NP or MD) and Care Adjustment

What is Unique About Telegenixx:

TGX was co-founded by Dr. William Seeds, a pioneer and world-renowned expert in peptide therapy. Dr Seeds and the Telegenixx Medical Advisory Board set out to revolutionize the peptide market. In addition to a tireless focus on premium quality, they created a rigorous certification process by which all of Telegenixx physicians are certified.

Safety is the top priority: All care plan protocols have been designed by the Medical Advisory Board to help clients meet their goals in the most effective, safe, and evidence-based ways.

Personalized Dosing: Unlike most other peptide companies, Telegenixx is not delivered in a pre-set vial for injection. This allows for custom dosing per client, which can help reduce or eliminate unwanted side effects such as nausea, dizziness and diarrhea.


Peptides alone are not the total answer. While they can help you jumpstart your journey to better health, such as weight loss or anxiety reduction, you should also consider assessing and shifting your lifestyle to complement your peptide program. Our b-u community is a great place to get tools, information and support for nutrition, fitness and mindfulness changes.

Please Get Me Started!

15-Minute Consultation


Peptide +

3 Month Minimum
$ 399*
  • Per Month

Peptide +

3 Month Minimum
$ 649*
  • Per Month

*Pricing is Based on the cost of 1 peptide

Frequently Asked Questions about the Telegenixx Program:

Every peptide that Telegenixx offers is FDA approved or compliant, and is only prescribed by a trained and licensed Physician in the Telegenixx network. Peptides have been used for decades and, as they are naturally occurring substances, are known to have high safety profiles and, when used correctly, low side effects. Many known medications like insulin or penicillin are in the peptide family!

The most common peptide in the news today is semaglutide. Semaglutide is the active ingredient in many of the popular weight loss drugs on the market. People using semaglutide are seeing significant (often 10-20%) loss of total body weight.

Results vary by person and are also greater when used with other lifestyle behaviors like exercise and improved nutrition. Clinical trials were for 12-18 months, but most people see results within the first month.

Peptides are expensive medications and high quality care is hard to find. With scale, Telegenixx is focused on providing affordable peptide therapy to consumers so you can feel confident that the price you’re getting here is one of the best you’ll find.

No. The mission of Telegenixx is to bring peptide therapy to as many people as possible, so they don’t make as much money per subscriber as other competitors. They are leveraging their cofounder’s long and excellent reputation in the industry to push for the best pricing and network available.

Unfortunately no. There are a number of steps you need to take just to receive your first dose, such as lab work and a physician consult that incur costs. As well, peptides are very expensive medications. As we are focused on improving access to more affordable, high quality programs, free offers or samples not possible.

No, we are subscription based and all-inclusive, so you know what you’ll pay up front. We focus on price transparency and reducing overall costs for our patients.

Telegenixx has a minimum 3-month commitment. Cancellations can occur at the end of each period with a 30 day warning.

Our care is provided by a network of U.S. board-certified practitioners, who are leaders in the regenerative care space. You will be able to see individual qualifications of your physician when matched through the platform. All physicians are required to be certified and trained in our care plans by our Medical Advisory Board.

Telegenixx care plans are made up of a variety of compounded medications and supplements, which are carefully curated, and put together by our Medical Advisory Board.

Based on your care plan, the medications will either be injectables, transdermal creams, capsules, or nasal sprays.

Prescriptions issued on the Telegenixx platform will be sent to one of our partner compounding pharmacies to be dispensed. The medications prescribed cannot be filled by a regular pharmacy such as a CVS or Walgreens. Telegenixx has no ownership nor financial interests in any compounding pharmacy.

One of our partner pharmacies will mail the medication directly to your door.

Usually, medication will arrive within 4-7 days of your prescription being issued by your physician.

Yes. Each care plan will have a tailored lab protocol which allows the doctor to safely prescribe and personalize your care plan.

Labs are completed twice yearly, except for with the peri/menopause plan, where they are completed more frequently to meet specific needs.

Yes! If you have the necessary labs completed within the last 6 months, reach out to and we can upload those labs to your account for your physician to review.

Depending on the state you are located; your labs will likely be completed by LabCorp. For all states but New York, labs will be billed to Telegenixx. If you want to send your labs to Telegenixx, you may email them to or fax them to 646-219-2350.

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