Perimenopause (literally “around menopause”) is the time of transition as your body transitions out of childbearing and into full maturity. Sadly, most of the focus gets put on menopause, which is simply a medical marker at the end of the perimenopause transition. For most, the perimenopause transition is the struggle, not the menopause destination. 

Terminology notwithstanding, the key fact is that perimenopause may rear its ugly head a lot sooner than the gray-haired mid-50s menopause you had been visualizing. Some women start experiencing chaos-inducing menopause symptoms in their 30s.

Many women are disturbingly unaware of the gamut of perimenopause symptoms that they might be suffering from as their bodies mature. Symptoms include weight gain, heavy bleeding, inconsistent periods, night sweats, and anxiety.

Perimenopause may sound ominous, but awareness and preparedness are your tools in this struggle.

We at b-untethered are here for you. Armed with the latest science, we’d like to connect you with the knowledge and resources you need to go into this change and come out transformed and revitalized. Are you interested in our 8-week Midlife Reset bootcamp, complete with guidance, workshops and workouts to introduce you to your peers and your new wellness, nutrition, mindset and exercise breakthroughs? Or are you looking for our Midlife Maintenance program, our free menopause app or something else? Join us and get untethered into a new lifestyle…!

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