rule meno™ The Personalized Menopause Diet App & Program

Hormone changes that start in perimenopause (as young as age 45!) and continue into menopause change the way your body handles food.

In midlife, high-intensity activity & strength is the name of the game. Not necessarily high impact.

Your food and fitness habits that worked in the past, don’t necessarily work anymore.

But there’s good news. . . .

The rule meno™ App Puts You in Control

menopause app for diet and fitness tracking

Meet rule meno™

Our proprietary and personalized rule meno™ app positions you to build new habits that put you in charge of menopause, helping you regain your health and wellness as well as your normal body composition, minimize menopause symptoms, and feel your best every day.

The rule meno™ app will help you:

  • Moderate carbohydrates as your body doesn’t handle them as efficiently due to hormone changes.
  • Increase protein as most midlife women get half the amount they need.
  • Shift calories to earlier in the day.
  • Track your daily eating habits and align with the 40/30/30 carbs/protein/fat plan recommended in midlife.
  • Understand the types of exercise (HIIT & Strength training) that can help you regain your normal body shape.
  • Track your progress against new goals.
  • Build new food and fitness habits to thrive in midlife.

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