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Jumpstart’s 13-week program starts Monday, April 17th

You’ll be invited to a weekly meeting held at 6pm or 7pm ET each Monday. 

Prior to the 17th you will receive emails to:

  • Access the rule midlife digital health platform and app
  • Schedule your telehealth visit with a doctor for your peptide prescription
  • Help you identify foods and exercise equipment to have on hand

Our April 17th session will be an orientation of all things rule midlife jumpstart so that you can be fully up and running week of April 24th.  All sessions are planned with educational content shared conversationally so that we can share tips and support as a community.

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Rule Midlife™ jumpstart Information

April 17th

  • Jumpstart orientation

April 24th

  • Why you are here, what are your goals, your vision for healthy living
  • The overall science behind the rule midlife lifestyle

May 1st

  • Deep dive into nutrition and fitness changes needed in midlife

May 8th

  • Science behind behavior change
  • Tips and tools to help you make the shifts in a manner that you can sustain for the long-term

May 15th

  • How taking on personal challenges aids & abets you on your journey
  • Daily tactics to stay on track

May 22nd

  • What is getting in your way?
  • Ways to overcome barriers

May 29th

  • Help to keep your vision alive
  • How accountability works and why it is important as you make changes

June 5th

  • Small team fitness challenge begins! 
  • Get exited to take yourself to the next level

June 12th

  • More science on food choices and why adjusting food based on training matters
  • How supplements can help

June 19th

  • More on the why and how of strength training

June 26th

  • Science behind motivation
  • Importance of rest and sleep for recovery

July 3rd

  • What is “moderation”? And why to avoid the all or nothing approach.

July 10th

  • Travel, life and other daily big rocks
  • How to maintain and build on your success

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