Shoutout Arizona – Meet Anissa Buckley


Anissa had an interview with Shoutout Arizona, part of the Los Angeles-based Voyage Group of Magazines. They discuss risk, travel, and b-untethered!

Here’s a preview of their conversation:

Hi Anissa, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Taking risks is critical to growth and optimal personal success in life. To take risk means to step out onto a limb that might crack at any moment. Of course, there are gradations to risk. Calculated risk means you’ve evaluated all of the possible negative and positive outcomes and know that you can live with either of them. Risk without some level of analysis is a form of adrenaline that some people thrive on. For me, I’ve taken both types of risk in my life. My first big risk was leaving a corporate role with all of the security of 401ks, expense accounts and a salary to start a nutrition database company. That risk paid off, as I sold the database (now called healthyAisles ™ and had a great 7 years with the acquiring company, working with large grocery retailers.

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