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Midlife Women's Wellness & Adventure

We’re here to help you Maximize your Midlife!

We believe life can be terrific leading into and after Menopause. Our mothers didn’t have the benefit of the science that now tells us exactly what will happen when our hormones decline.

B-Untethered is the first to bring you science-based solutions focusing on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to reclaim your best health.


The Midlife Academy

Get the latest science translated into effective, results-focused lifestyle remedies to help you feel your best in Midlife.

Midlife Intervention

Our 8-week bootcamp-style nutrition & fitness program includes weekly virtual meet-ups with a team accountability focus.

Maintain Your Midlife

With B-Unthetered we keep you connected to your progress and any extra support, delivered exatly when you need it.

Monitor BioStats

Get Personalized Macronutrient Plan

Alerts To Keep You On Track

Daily Scorcard

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The Midlife Adventure

Midlife is about change. You are different now than your 20s and 30s.
The happiest, most fulfilled people are those practicing continuous learning and new challenges


Midlife Services

Welcome to b.Untethered

Our mission: To create a place where women in midlife can learn the latest thinking about physical and mental changes taking place and find personalized science-based solutions for food, fitness and frame of mind elements including adventure, challenge and positive change management, all wrapped up in a supportive community of like-minded women.

What We Do

Insights B.U Team

We biohack, attend thought-leader conferences, conduct expert interviews and share real women’s experiences.

Events For Midlife Women

We offer adventures, retreats and webinars for you to join.

Upcoming Webinar:

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Online Tools

Personalized midlife macronutrient timing app for meal planning and product shopping.


b.untethered’s new shopping site helps you recalibrate your grocery list to fuel what uniquely drives you.


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