Menopause Diet and Fitness | KGUN Morning Blend

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Below is our interview with KGUN’s Morning Blend host, Alex Steiniger. In the interview, we talk about how diet and fitness needs change when a woman starts to go through menopause. Host:Our next guest is here to shatter the myth that menopause is a crisis. Instead, it should be seen as a quest. Welcome to […]

Adventure and Business for Midlife | Magical Midlife Podcast

Anissa was recently interviewed on Lindsay de Swart’s Podcast: Magical Midlife About the episode: Ever wanted to be the founder and CEO, climb a mountain, do an Ironman competition, or just do really brave things? Perhaps you’d just like to be fit and healthy enough to do all the fun activities that you love the […]

Guest Interview on Super Real Human Podcast

Anissa Buckley on Super Real Human Podcast with Maura Webster

Anissa was recently interviewed on Maura Webster’s Podcast: Super Real Human About the episode: How have our lives physically and mentally changed throughout the generations? Anissa Buckley joins Maura on this episode to share her inspirational journey through life and how she is preparing herself for her midlife changes. Anissa is a nationally recognized health […]

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