Women Who Inspire | Shelley Steinley

Shelley Steinley, 54, mother of four, author, and self-made faux painter shares a bit about her life with us. She founded the Noah Strong Foundation to provide the support, unconditional love and unrelenting positivity that is so needed at the start and throughout the substance abuse recovery process. You inspire us with your strength Shelley!

Women Who Inspire | Rachel Wexler

Rachel Wexler, 50, real estate professional, divorce coach, and mother to three sits down with us to talk loss, love, and starting over. Rachel is the founder of Compassionate Divorce Coaching where she helps others through some of the toughest times of their lives. In real estate, she has also won several awards including 3 Gold Salesmaster Awards. We are humbled by your excellence, Rachel!

Women Who Inspire | Susan Lambert


Susan Lambert, entrepreneur and Chief Marketing Officer, single mom, and triathlete sits down with us to answer some questions. We’d like to note that she just completed the Alaska Ironman Triathalon last month! Way to go, Susan!

Women Who Inspire | Denise Clark

b-untethered | Menoapuse | Personalized diet and fitness program | Wisdom blog | Women Who Inspire | Image of Denise Clark

Denise Clark, 62. Sommelier & PR Expert Denise started biking ten years ago, at age 52, as an alternative to running.  Just last month, she undertook an endeavor that frightens pro-cyclists: biking the Dolomites in Italy. Denise climbed 22,000 feet of elevation, over 171 miles in a 5 day period. Whew!! Congrats Denise! You rule […]

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