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Patagonia, Chile, January 2025:

How about a trip to Patagonia where crystal green waters and icy blue glaciers await? We’re trekking the W Trek again in January with training starting in October. Here’s what some of the women said from our March trip:

  • “I was anxious about this trip. But the BU program put me at ease and gave me the confidence both physically and mentally. Was a fun, uplifting group. I never thought I could do this, but I did. I’m very proud of myself!”
  • “This trip appealed because it was a woman’s trip and was super far out of my comfort zone. Traveling with a group of women was phenomenal. I found a lot of peace and clarity. I found that I am stronger than I thought. I had a great time!”

If you’re interested in our January trip, click here for more information.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa, October 2024:

We are also heading to climb Kilimanjaro in October. This will be a challenging ascent to 19k feet of altitude. We’ll make this trek over 8 days, then return to sea level for a 3-day safari in the Serengeti! This is a trip of a lifetime! Click here for more information.

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