Transform: 6

A Unique 6-Week Transformative Program to Discover your Personal Roadmap for Healthy, Vibrant Aging

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What's the TRANSFORM: 6 process?

Using the latest science on menopause hormone changes, our science team created rule meno™, a time-based macronutrient meal program that delivers optimal nutrition guidance for your personal biostats (height, weight, etc). Over 6 weeks, you will learn why changing your macronutrient ratio is critical to your best health and will have the assistance of our proprietary rule meno™ app to track your foods and your fitness against your plan.  The outcome is greater energy, reduced fat, improved clarity of thought, and a host of other benefits.


Step 1: Personalize

Input your personal profile through our proprietary rule meno™ app.

Step 2: Join Our Community

Gain access to the latest science for nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

Step 3: Attend Virtual Weekly Meetings

Attend your first virtual meet-up and connect with others in the community.

Step 4: Achieve

Track your nutrition and fitness each day for 6 weeks. Attend virtual meet-ups and connect with coaches and members weekly.

Step 5: Maintain

Once the 6-week program is complete, launch into Maintenance with your new Macro-Magnificent lifestyle!

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