Step 3: e-learning teach:able


this is your home for the next 6 weeks.  Here is where the learning begins.  Think of it as your personal library on ruling midlife.

What information is in teach:able?

Videos:  There are multiple short videos to watch each week that guide you through the program.  Additionally, there are videos for fitness classes and strength training that you can download and use.

Handouts:  There are handouts that correlate with the videos that you will watch.  Within teach:able, you will see both a video and a handout on a particular topic.

How do I use teach:able?

A video per day:  We suggest you watch a video per day (with a handout), 5 days out of the week.  This will keep you moving through the program and allow you to complete all videos and handouts within the 6-week program timeline. 

We know life gets in the way sometimes, however, should you need longer to complete your viewing, you will have access to teach:able for up to 12 weeks, once you start.

PLEASE NOTE:  The system is set up so that you cannot move to the next video until you have watched the first one.  Keep this in mind.  We don’t want you to miss any of the critical information that is here because it is all necessary in order to transform your whole mid-life.

At the end of each week, please make sure that you click the box that says you have completed the section and ultimately the course.

How do I find teach:able?

Below is the link for teach:able

Also, you will be sent an email directly from teach:able with a button that asks you to log-in

  • Please use the same email that you registered with the program
  • Your password has been set up as “Transform” — you should change your password to one that only you will know after you sign in for the first time.


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