Step 4: Fitness resource

As you know a massive part of transformation is sticking to a solid fitness routine.  Over the next 6 weeks, we want you to have access to a variety of fitness resources, which is why we’ve created the Fitness Resources curriculum in Teachable.

Here you will find everything you need to dominate your workouts.  You’ll be able to access these resources from day one of the transform 6 program and reference them whenever it’s most convenient for you!

Just remember, you’ll receive guidance on what to do in the rule meno™ app exercise section. You can also find downloadable PDFs for your program below.

Below is a breakdown of everything included in the Fitness Resources curriculum:

Transform 6 Strength Training Demos

In this section, Kathy will demonstrate how to properly execute the strength training exercises used throughout the Transform 6 HIIT + Strength weekly progression classes.  These are divided into bi-weekly videos.  For example, the first video will be a demo for both week 1 and week 2 exercises.  Be sure to watch these videos before completing the designated classes to prevent confusion and/or injury.

Transform 6 TOOS HIIT + Strength Classes (Totally Out of Shape)

Don’t be fooled by the name, these classes are guaranteed to make you break a sweat.  We’ve conveniently broken each video down by week so that you can do them in a progression as you begin to feel stronger.

Each class is an hour-long, but they are divided into two parts, 30 minutes of HITT for the first half and 30 minutes of Strength for the second half.  Therefore, if you can only squeeze in a 30-minute workout one day, feel free to choose which half you’d prefer to do by skipping ahead if needed.

Transform 6 Advance HIIT + Strength Classes

Just like the TOOS classes, these classes are broken down by week as well.


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