Step 2: Rule meno app

One of the proprietary tools that you will utilize in transform 6 is the rule meno™ app.  This tool will allow you to create a personal profile and access your personalized nutrition and exercise plan.  It will also allow you to record your data on a daily basis to see how you are tracking against your new 40/30/30 plan.

To get started, please go to the APP store for your particular device (Apple/iOS or Google/Android), type in rule meno™ and click on the search button.

Complete the download process and start enrolling.  There is no additional cost to you.

Once you download the APP, rule meno™ will walk you through the sign-up process.  When asked to enter your email address, please use the same email that was used to register for the transform 6 program.

While the app is pretty simple to use, there are a few nuances to using it.  The following links will be helpful in your journey and will hopefully answer any questions you might have. Still having trouble? Please contact us!


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