Step 7: Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals:

Below is a glimpse of how we’ll be working together each week: our Weekly Goal Request

Here’s the process:

  1. We’ll meet as a group weekly to discuss the previous week’s lessons
  2. Then, each week, i’ll ask you to submit goals and/or progress detail.

Below are your goals for each of the 6 weeks.  While these are great aspirations, the ask is that you do your best to take steps forward.

We don’t expect perfection.  Just progress.

Each of us has the ability to move forward every day.  The decisions we each make affect our results.  And each small decision is a step forward that will, inch-by-inch, change you.

Thank you for your courage to take these steps.  The only failure is not trying at all.  You can do this.

We are in this together.


Transform 6 weekly goals

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