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Cynthia Jordan, 57, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 52. She shares with us her story of how she dealt and what she is doing to help others in their journey. The world needs more people like you, Cynthia!

You were diagnosed with breast cancer in your 50s. Tell us about how that has impacted you.

I have completely refocused my life towards living every day with gratitude and passion.  I am very focused on staying positive, active, and peaceful.  I realized that stress caused me a lot of pain and most likely caused my cancer so I am very careful to surround myself with positive people and situations. 

Tell us about Learn Look Locate. Why did you start it? How does it help women?

I have a sales and marketing background and did numerous breast cancer campaigns and when diagnosed I was beyond shocked how much I didn’t know about this complex disease.  I was alone, frightened and unaware of everything happening to me so I searched the internet constantly and made myself even more anxious.  I realized that there was a huge void of information and community that was easily available, so I created a warm, authentic, global outreach that has become a strong movement.  I now have twelve dedicated breast cancer physicians on medical board who dedicate their time and expertise towards intermingling with patients on my website, www.learnlooklocate.com, and all of the Learn Look Locate social media platforms. My goal is to educate and empower men and women about all aspects of breast cancer from prevention, diagnosis, treatment to survivorship.  We are touching on the tough emotional part of this journey and connect with each other every day on social media to make sure nobody feels alone. 

What helps you get through tough times?

I reach out to other survivors who understand, and I design my website and posts that help get my mind off the fear of recurrence. I also like to stay active by hiking, biking and playing tennis.

You’re pretty active. What does your day look like?

I hike, bike, play tennis, walk, and try to enjoy some form of exercise every day.  I do weights two to three times a week  and find that exercising helps me sleep very well.

How would you describe your diet and what is your favorite food?

I eat very well, fish, eggs, salads and a lot of vegetables every day.  I rarely eat sweets but I do love corn chips and salsa, I would say that’s my favorite.

Who is your favorite artist and favorite book?

For music it would have to be Peter Gabriel. Book would be The Power of Now by Eckert Tolle.

Thank you, Cynthia for sharing your story! If you or anyone you know is struggling with breast cancer, check out Learn Look Locate for education, inspiration, and connection.

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