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Susan Lambert, 48, entrepreneur, single mom, and triathlete sits down with us to answer some questions. Susan is Chief Marketing Officer for Remington Family Distillers in Austin, Texas, home of Tito’s Vodka and we’d like to note that she just completed the Alaska Ironman Triathalon last month! Way to go, Susan!

What is your workout schedule?

I mix up the routine a bit depending on my schedule – swim at least once a week, run twice a week, some sort of cycle two to three times a week.. If I use the treadmill, I do weights too. I love my treadmill. Friends also ask me to be “seat fillers” for their classes, which means I often throw in all sorts of classes! Barbell strength to Euro-dance music is more difficult than it sounds!

What is your typical diet?

I am protein heavy on my diet as my blood, hormones, etc. thrive on protein and less carbs. I try to keep dairy minimal by drinking oak milk. It’s not always fun. During Ironman training, I crave and eat ice cream. It’s so yummy as a reward. Coffee is an essential part of my diet, not for the caffeine. It’s a warm cup of happiness.

What has been your biggest challenge in the past 5 years?

Leaving the corporate world, entering the small business world, launching products during a pandemic, raising kids. They are all equal in “size”. I am a single mom to twins, now 12. The split household, passing of my parents, ironman training, building a business all tug at the “mom” responsibilities. Maintaining two households is not easy and my kids prefer to be at my house, especially to “wind down” from school and life.  

The middle school years are interesting and I have to take moments to think how I was as a middler schooler AND how I would have wanted to be treated.. those “mom” learning moments make a world of difference. I don’t want to see a repeat of MY middle school traumas. Instilling and maintaining confidence in my kids as well as solid grades and manners are often a “challenge” on the outside and easy to demonstrate. I try to help them build their desires to find themselves (athletics or art) and have the confidence to do it with the mentality of “as long as you like it”, instead of the you must win thinking.

Small businesses are difficult. Especially when your founder and silent partner have full time CTO jobs! I am constantly learning the industry, new skill sets, and wearing 900 different hats.

Which actress would you want to play you in a movie?

Umm, Not sure. I’ve always been told I look like Nicole Kidman, who I respect tremendously.

What’s something you’re really afraid to try but want to?

Move to another country once my kids graduate high school.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the past 5 years?

Besides my kids (hahahah!), I would say jumping into a family-owned business without knowing the industry. I’ve been able to incorporate soft skills I gained over decades into award winning, industry recognized efforts. I’m discovering skills I didn’t know I had, as well as physical, emotional, and intellectual strength that I didn’t know was within my being.

The ability to weave in my love for volunteering into a small business is amazing. The confidence to say “today I want to drive a forklift, and tomorrow I’ll figure out how to win another marketing award!”

The hard work pays off in buckets.

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