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Today was one of those days – I’m down one of my nine lives………I went for a 7 mile run. Exactly 1/2 way through, the skies opened up with a torrential downpour and shattering bolts of lightening all around me. So much for keeping the heartrate low! Austin is not a city known for its effective drainage system either, hence the streets were filled with 6-12 inches of rain making for a messier and harder than usual trudge. Gratefully, I made it back without being struck.

Post run, I went to the gym to complete my usual set of weights. I do these in sets of three, rotating after each set.

3 x 30 incline crunches (10#)
3 x 20 push ups
3 x 25 bar squats (60#)>
3 x 15 flies (17.5#)
3 x 15 curls (17.5#)
3 x 20 step ups (30#)
3 x 20 bar to ball transfer (feet to hands)
3 x 10 pull ups
3 x 20 reverse lunge with plate (20# each)
3 x 15 seated row (70#)
3 x 20 adductor (70#)
3 x 15 single dumbbell squats on plates (70#)
3 x 40 glute bridge (25# on pelvis)
3 x 25 ab curls
Feeling good. Three months to Boulder Ironman 70.3 ?

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